Book Equals Going on Hiatus

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Some of you might have noticed the lack of updates on Book Equals lately. Unfortunately, after reflecting on it for a while, we have decided to put Book Equals on hiatus indefinitely. This was a hard decision for us, however we feel that at this point we cannot devote enough time and resources to make Book Equals what it should be. We really appreciate your […]


Spotlight On: ‘Alien on a Rampage’ By Clete Barrett Smith

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Toady I wanted to spotlight a book that will be released on June 5th. It is Alien on a Rampage by Clete Barrett Smith, which is the sequel to Aliens on Vacation a book that I really enjoyed, as you could probably tell if you read my review. In the second book David returns to visit his grandmother during the summer and her Intergalactic Bed […]


More Like Her By Liza Palmer [Review]

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How often do we look at someone else and assume from their clothes, their job or their spouse that they must have it all? And how often do we wish that we could trade places with them, to live in their shoes for just one day? In Liza Palmer’s new book, More Like Her, the illusion of one such woman is shattered in the most […]


Exclusive Interview: ‘The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic’ Author Bianca Turetsky

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Are you in the mood for some time traveling? What about traveling back to the Titanic? That’s exactly what happens to Louise Lambert, the main character in Bianca Turetsky’s novel The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic. Turetsky recently took some time to answer a few questions from Book Equals about her book, including her inspiration, some of the challenges she faced, her writing process […]


Exclusive Interview: ‘The Sail Weaver’ Author Muffy Morrigan

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Muffy Morrigan, whom you may know from her wonderful reviews here at Book Equals, has released a brand new fantasy book called The Sail Weaver set in a futuristic world of space exploration, rediscovered magic and a new age of tall ships. Here is the official synopsis: Tristan is the most talented Weaver the Guild has produced. Since he was a child and started his […]


Exclusive Interview: ‘White Horse’ Author Alex Adams

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Author Alex Adams’ first novel White Horse is definitely not what you would expect for its title. There is no white horse in it, instead we find our protagonist, thirty-year-old Zoe, living in a world where the most of the population has been wiped by a plague called “White Horse.” Now that I have your attention, let me continue by saying that the book is […]


Exclusive Interview: BabyLit’s Author Jennifer Adams

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Author Jennifer Adams and illustrator Alison Oliver have come up with whole new way for you to share your favorite classic novels with your babies, it’s called BabyLit. What BabyLit does is take classic novels such as Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland and transform them into board books. The novels are of course stripped down to the bare minimum using one or two words […]


Giveaway: The Time-Traveling Fashionista On Board the Titanic by Bianca Turetsky

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GIVEAWAY OVER   Congratulations to: Angela W., Mike G., Danielle J. _______________________________________ This Saturday, April 14th marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and in commemoration, Book Equals was provided with 3 copies of The Time-Traveling Fashionista On Board the Titanic by Bianca Turetsky to give away to three lucky winners. Louise Lambert has always dreamed of movie starlets and exquisite gowns […]


Blog Tour: THEMINEFIELDS by Steven C. Eisner – Excerpt and Author Q&A

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Welcome to the Blog Tour for author Steven C. Eisner’s first novel, THEMINEFIELDS, which takes place in the world of advertising and is based on the author’s own experience in the industry. As part of the blog tour, Book Equals is bringing you an excerpt from chapter 1 of the book and a Q&A with the author himself. Make sure you visit BookTrib for links […]


Blog Tour: A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster [Review]


I was given the chance to review the fourth and final novel of Lori Foster’s “Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor” series earlier this month, and was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed A Perfect Storm. Following right where the third book left off, A Perfect Storm continues into the world of human trafficking and how our main characters, Spencer and Arizona, attempt […]