KEY OF LIGHT by Nora Roberts [Review]

Key of Light Book

I recently took a family member’s recommendation and checked out the book, Key Of Light by Nora Roberts. Key Of Light, is the first book in a trilogy about three woman that are brought together to help break a spell that was cast over a thousand years ago. When Malory Price received a mysterious invitation for “cocktails and conversation” at the spooky Warrior’s Peak, she decided she’d check it out. She’s intrigued and a little nervous when she finds out only 2 other people received an invitation, Dana Steel and Zoe McCourt. They learn that once, every generation, three women are born with the ability to locate 3 hidden keys. If the keys are found they can be used to break a spell that has kept 3 demigoddesses locked away for over a thousand years. Also, if all 3 women are successful they’ll each get a cool one million dollars. On the other hand, should they fail, they will each lose a random year of their life. Each woman gets four weeks to search for their key and it is determined that Malory is to go first.

The Key Of Light focuses on Malory’s quest for the first key. One of the key (pun intended) factors in locating it will be for Malory to look within herself and her relationships to unlock the secret of the spell and those that wish to keep it hidden. Mostly though, it’s a book about love and friendship, with a little fantasy and suspense mixed in for good measure. It’s a light read (no pun intended), and one that I’d recommend for sitting by a pool or beach this summer. If you are a hardcore fantasy fan, you’ll probably find this to be too fluffy for your taste. However, if you like books with romance, comedy, and a little splash of fantasy this could be right up your street!

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