THE 8TH CONFESSION by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro [Review]

The 8th Confession Book

I started reading James Patterson’s Alex Cross books about 12 years ago and was immediately sucked in by his wonderful storytelling and characters. Alex Cross, a psychologist and criminal profiler, is an amazing character that can get in the mind of serial killers. Unfortunately, in recent years, Patterson has partnered with different co-authors so that he can churn out books at a faster pace, and the quality of his books has suffered. However, I’m still really enjoying his Women’s Murder Club series which features four women: a police detective, a medical examiner, a prosecutor, and a reporter who work together to solve crimes in San Francisco. The latest installment is The 8th Confession and the women have to solve the murder of a homeless man as well as catch a serial killer who is targeting rich and famous victims. The high profile victims are more of a priority with the police department so Cindy, the reporter, begins investigating the homeless man’s death on her own.

The thing I like about this series is that the women are smart, tough, and have more on their minds than shoes and fashion (I’m looking at you, “Sex and the City”). In The 8th Confession we find out more about each of the characters’ personal lives, but the primary focus remains on solving the crimes. The books were actually made into a TV show in 2007 that starred Angie Harmon and Rob Estes, and I’m still mad that it was canceled because it was a really great procedural. I should mention that Patterson has a habit of writing in short chapters, sometimes only a page long, and some readers find this annoying but it doesn’t really bother me. Even after eight books, I think this series is going strong. If you are new to the series, I think you could start with this book and catch on just fine. It’s a fun, fast read and I would recommend it to any murder mystery fan looking for light entertainment.

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