KEY OF VALOR by Nora Roberts [Review]


Key Of Valor is the third and final book in the famous trilogy by Nora Roberts. The darkest of the three books, Valor will have you staying up late, and skimming impatiently ahead to find the conclusion of this fun, yet emotionally gripping tale. Key Of Valor tells the story of Zoe’s quest for the final key. If she finds it, she can unlock the souls of 3 demigoddesses that have been cursed by an evil sorcerer, Kane. She will also unlock a curse that keeps the Gods Rowena and Pitte confined to Earth.

Even though the Key Of Valor is predictable, it still manages to be fun and full of suspense. I finished this book over this past weekend while I sat by the pool and sipped a cold drink. If you haven’t read these books yet, I suggest you do just that. As I’ve said with the other books in this series, don’t bother reading it if you are a hardcore fantasy fan. This is more of a story about love and friendship than magic spells, and cursed gods, but it’s still a good time.

One last thing I’ll say is that a certain decision is made at the end of the book that I totally disagreed with. Not only did I disagree with it, but I thought it was highly implausible and a little cheesy. You might say, you are reading a Nora Roberts book about magic, how plausible and not cheesy do you expect it to be? I say fair enough, but read it anyway and tell me what you think of the end.

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