SEX, DRUGS, AND COCOA PUFFS by Chuck Klosterman [Review]


One of my favorite non-fiction authors, Chuck Klosterman, has a new book called “Eating the Dinosaur” out on October 20th. As I have been impatiently awaiting the release, I decided to re-read some of his older books to see me thru to this fall. Klosterman is a brilliant writer who can conjure up some of the most off the wall, yet insanely cool pop references of our generation. I often read his work and then hang my head in the shame of knowing I will never be half as awesome. For those of you that have never read a Klosterman book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs is a great place to start.

If you were born between 1970 and 1980 this book will reference some nuggets of pop culture that you didn’t even know you cherished. Entire sections of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs are dedicated to subjects such as rock n roll, Billy Joel, Reality TV and Saved by the Bell. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times in this short (less than 250 pages) read. It’s rare that a book will make me do that, but Klosterman has a way of making even the smallest observance remarkably hysterical. And that basically sums up the book, a collection of small, pop-culture observances married with Klosterman’s intelligent wit and amusing insights. If you are able to keep up with the large number of pop culture references you are in for a treat.

Here is something interesting about the author. If you go to Yahoo! and start typing in “Chuck Klosterman” into the search box, you’ll see that right after his name, “Chuck Klosterman Blog” is the second most related search term. What’s interesting though is Chuck Klosterman doesn’t have a blog. So why is it searched so much? Because once you read his work, you’ll be curious to know his opinion on everything else. So, the next logical step would of course be for him to have a blog where he could make regular rants and observances. Maybe one day he will make his fans happy and start blogging 🙂

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