WORLD WITHOUT END by Ken Follett [Review]


World Without End is the follow up to the hugely popular “Pillars Of The Earth.” In Pillars, Follett writes an emotionally charged epic drama about the building of a Cathedral in the middle ages. He shows how the town and the lives of those who live there are forever changed by the construction. Although World Without End takes place a couple hundred years after Pillars, many of the themes are the same. Life, Death, Love, Betrayal, Greed, Family, it’s all there in the over 1,000 page novel. What I really love about these books is that even though it takes place in the Middle Ages, Follett writes it in a way that’s very easy to understand. If you haven’t read these yet, I understand that the plot might sound a bit boring, but trust me it’s not. Follett’s characters are very real and you’ll find yourself getting emotionally vested in all of them.

Similar to Pillars, World Without End has a few stories going on at once and at times they intertwine. The story begins with a group of children in Kingsbridge, England who witness a horrendous murder. The book then follows the children throughout their lives as they all take very different paths, either by their own choice or because of their class. Even though its 1000 pages, it reads faster than many books half its size because of two main reasons. For starters, there is Follett’s writing. Sometimes in period books, authors can get lost in the details and descriptions of the eras they are writing about. Follett keeps the book moving while giving you the exact amount of information you need to understand the times and the customs, and yet he doesn’t show off. The other reason the book reads so quickly is because something is always happening. Follett is constantly moving around from one story line to another giving you just enough information to wet your appetite before he moves to something else. This will drive you crazy and keep you reading to the early hours of the morning.

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