Percy Jackson & The Olympians – A Harry Potter Rewrite?


One series that helped me get over my Post-Potter depression was Percy Jackson & The Olympians. It’s a fun series of books that chronicles the tales of a young demigod named Percy as he fights off monsters and evil lords all while trying to have a somewhat normal adolesant life.

If you are an uber Potter-geek like me, you’ll notice quite a few similarities between the story of Percy and our favorite boy wizard. Here are a few that I noticed. Feel free to leave a comment and share your own!

  • Both books start with an 11 year old boy when they find out they are more than what they seem (1 is a wizard and 1 is a demigod)
  • Both books have 3 main characters 2 boys and a girl
  • Book 4 in each series features a labyrinth
  • Both stories revolve around a prophecy that involves the main character
  • There is a teacher at both schools that has it out for the main character.
  • Both feature a 3 headed dog
  • Both touch on the theme of doing what is right versus doing what is easy
  • The bad guy in both series uses others to gain power and their human form back
  • Both feature “Half-Bloods”
  • Hogwarts and Camp Half-Blood both split their pupils out into different houses. Each house has it’s distinguishing characteristics
  • There is a character is each of the rival houses that is an antagonist
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