Percy Jackson & The Olympians – A Harry Potter Rewrite?


One series that helped me get over my Post-Potter depression was Percy Jackson & The Olympians. It’s a fun series of books that chronicles the tales of a young demigod named Percy as he fights off monsters and evil lords all while trying to have a somewhat normal adolesant life.

If you are an uber Potter-geek like me, you’ll notice quite a few similarities between the story of Percy and our favorite boy wizard. Here are a few that I noticed. Feel free to leave a comment and share your own!

  • Both books start with an 11 year old boy when they find out they are more than what they seem (1 is a wizard and 1 is a demigod)
  • Both books have 3 main characters 2 boys and a girl
  • Book 4 in each series features a labyrinth
  • Both stories revolve around a prophecy that involves the main character
  • There is a teacher at both schools that has it out for the main character.
  • Both feature a 3 headed dog
  • Both touch on the theme of doing what is right versus doing what is easy
  • The bad guy in both series uses others to gain power and their human form back
  • Both feature “Half-Bloods”
  • Hogwarts and Camp Half-Blood both split their pupils out into different houses. Each house has it’s distinguishing characteristics
  • There is a character is each of the rival houses that is an antagonist
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  • David

    One of the most blatent rip-offs I have had the pleasure to read. I do say ‘pleasure’ though, because although when reading I thought to myself what a rip-off the story kept me reading on.

    The story is fast paced and keeps you turning the pages, Riordan took something that worked so well and ran with it and fair play to him, he seems to have done quite well.

  • :)

    Both stories revolve around a prophecy that involves the main character – Yeah, well, when it’s about a demigod it probably has a prophecy doesn’t it?

    Both feature a 3 headed dog – There is such a thing as a 3 headed dog in Greek mythology, so it wouldn’t be farfetched to include one in the book.

    Both touch on the theme of doing what is right versus doing what is easy – not uncommon.

    Both feature “Half-Bloods” – I find it funny that you have to touch on this… I don’t know why.

    There is a character is each of the rival houses that is an antagonist – Well, yeah… why not.

  • :)

    By the way, I haven’t read Percy Jackson yet so I’m not being too defensive.

    Also, by the way, Harry Potter IS somewhat of a rip-off (I say somewhat because a lot of things are very similar but it’s not really ripping-off) of one of Neil Gaiman’s works (I don’t remember what it’s called, I do remember a wizard boy who looks like Harry Potter, with a scar, I think, on his forehead, with a white owl, and so forth and so on…).

    • Alex nguyen

      that would be harry potter himself. no one in the series matches your description except harry potter. i read it all so i know.

  • amie

    Thanks for the comments. I think pretty much all good books take some inspiration from other works; and I find it very interesting to compare. So now you really have me excited to check out this Neil Gaiman :)

  • Professor McObvious at DUH University

    Well of course they’re similar. Both follow the epic heroic story formula.

    Star wars? Luke Skywalker, a young man, finds out that he is more than just a regular man, defeats evil, gets wounded by the villain, has a family member out to get him… Two males one female as main characters… Oh gosh, is Harry Potter a rip off of Star Wars?

    No you fools, Harry Potter, and Percy, and Star Wars, and Gilgamesh, and countless Greek Myths follow the basic ancient “formula” for heroic tales that stretches back thousands of years. An epic hero is “…usually favored by or even partially descended from deities, but aligned more closely with mortal figures in popular portrayals. The hero participates in a cyclical journey or quest, faces adversaries that try to defeat him in his journey, gathers allies along his journey, and returns home significantly transformed by his journey.” – Thanks Wikipedia, but really anyone who didn’t sleep through high school Literature should have retained some of this knowledge.

    P.S. Neil Gaiman is fabulous. For some great Gaiman epic storytelling, read American Gods.

  • Amie

    Hi Professor. Thanks for the comment. I’m going to have to disagree with you. Of course everything is influenced by other things, and there is always a formula. I get that. But having read (and enjoyed) both series, I can tell you the similarities go beyond that. They both have characters they call “Half-Bloods” for crying out loud.

    Here is something else I find highly amusing. The first book in the Percy series is called “The Lightening Thief”. That is awful funny considering Harry Potter has a lightening shaped scar on his forehead. Perhaps that’s the author’s way of admitting to the crime?

  • Kratos

    The books take a LOT from the harry potter books, the setup, several scenes (the second book has a “crazy taxi” scene that rips off potter’s third book “crazy bus scene” so bad you cant avoid thinking about it), the relation between Percy and “character X” is suspiciously similar to the Potter-Draco relation in many fanfics, and other things.

    but i think Amie is being a little unfair, the Ares cabin never reaches the “evil because i say so” level of Slytherin, Clarisse is a lot more logical than Draco (and Percy is not as obsessed about her), Cerberus makes a lot more sense in Hades than in a school and there are only 2 main characters in PJ

    like with many things, having/stealing an idea is easy (harry potter was not very “original” anyway), making it a reality is hard, PJ & TO fixes many problems Potter had, for example :
    -Percy seems dimwitted (keeps asking “who are you”, “whats that”, etc all the freaking time) while managing to be an acceptably good fighter, unlike Harry that seems just useless (almost everything he accomplishes is either by luck, or done by others, a sad after effect of the next problem)
    -apparently Rowling didnt want to think too hard about how magic works so Harry barely uses it and comes out as a very crappy wizard, Riordan saves himself from thinking too hard by using established folklore (and there is so much material about greek gods and monsters that he could keep going for 50 books just with that) and since this knowledge is not directly related to being useful (unlike magic knowledge) Percy can kick ass while he asks what a Minotaur is for the fourth time
    -While Percy does have a “Big Bad”, there are so many monsters and possible enemies in greek folklore (even better, many dont fall into a clear good-evil so they can swing both way) that he always have something different to fight, in Potter its always about Voldy who cannot use his full power because Potter is incompetent, only when he fights the big D he gets to use some flashy spells.
    -The ending is so much better, i wont spoil but the author manages to close the plot without destroying the franchise like Potter did, Riordan left plenty of space to start a new series of books in the same universe with new halfbloods.

    because of this, imho, PJ is much better than Potter

    • Greis

      You sir are a butttrumpet. If you read Harry Potter carefully you will see that Harry is actually quite smart. So shut your freakin’ pie hole.

    • declan casey

      Percy jackson is childish as fuck.

  • http://idk nicole

    omg i read both of the seres and your ridht they are the same and if you go on youtube type in harry potter puppet pals you will see. and if you go on youtube you can see a sneak peek of PERCY JACKSON IN THE LIGHTNING THEIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • talha Mallick

    i think i like the percy jackson series because wasnt as long and in Harry poter everything is about harry, while in percy jackson each indivivual has there own major part but yes bot of them are very similar.

  • AnotherBIG3son

    I agree with yah, Kratos! Yes, it is true.. And gee, the Three-Headed dog thing, it is normal.. I think PJ has the greater right to use it, since it is WELL CONNECTED with mythology, and it is far connected with magic.. also, PJ is related to Mythology and other Greek Literature, so PJ can be classified as somehow a Greek Literature… Also, it is like a modern-day Mythology…. I mean, continuation of Odyssey, like that, making it a “sensible” literature.. unlike HP which is “Purely” fiction, cannot be related to other literature, or even factual places and event… And yes, HP is very long…

    I love PJ more!! And ohhh.. The “sorting” here is much suitable than HP… Because in HP, only the stupid hat determines them… but in PJ, the gods do the sorting.. The Hermes Cabin idea is really good, too, like if you still has not been determine yet, you can stay there…

    Generally, I like PJ more than HP for tenfold..!!!!!

    • Greis

      Your logic is crap just so you know. Like literally crap, I don’t follow your logic at all.

  • greekgeek101

    I happen to think they are different and use several cliches very well tho. And Percy was 12 not 11. ha! ahem sorry. *is a percy jackson fanatic :)

  • Maddy

    Okay, I’m not here to start an argument, but I must agree with Proffesor in that all stories contain certain elements that make them an enjoyable read.
    Would Percy Jackson have been as good of a book if he didn’t have a prophecy surrounding him? If he didn’t have a strong female charector as a friend (appeals to both genders)? If he didn’t figure out a new world of Greek Gods that are hidden from “mortal” eyes?
    No, it wouldn’t have. And neither would Harry Potter. Both authors used commonly used plot lines and story elements that appeal to readers.
    And no, Rich Riordan did not ‘admit to the crime’ of stealing from Harry Potter by naming his book the Lightning Thief. The title of this story is leginement to the plot line… Zeus’s LIGHTNING BOLT is stolen. While, in Harry Potter, is it explained why his scar on his head is really a lightning bolt? For all its really worth, his scar could have been in the shape of a triangle.
    I thoughrly enjoyed both series; and I guess the reason I’m writing this is that it upsets me when fans of these series bicker about how Riordan stole from Harry Potter. It seems like every book that comes out after HP is simply disregarded because it can never live up to HP’s potential– and any book someone simular, just as popular, and just as good is regarded as a scam.

  • nicole harrypfan1

    also in the forth book the villin and the mane person meet, in the 5th one the war and fight breaks out

  • Alejandro

    I find another parallelism in the Kronos character. He really looks a lot like Lord Voldemort, as opposed to the real mythological Kronos. He calls Percy in his dreams, his body has to be re-made (I have read only the first two installments). For me, much as I am enjoying the PJ saga so far, the similarities are overwhelming… Chiron-Dumbledore, Tantalus-Snape, Poseidon-Sirius Black, Clarisse-Draco, Gabe-Uncle Vernon, Luke-Barty Crouch Jr., and sooo on.
    But then again, I bow to the originality of reshaping the classic Greek mythology into something fresh.

    • Hp.gone.wild

      genius. exactly what i agree with.
      even as a nine year old before book 2 came out, i was astonished by the parralels between the two. also, riordan snatched book 2 straight from the odessy/iliad. THAT made me really angry. look man, i love the ideas behind your works, and they’re funny and great and all, but you cant run around using story lines that old dead people used and calling them your own! i love Hp, and i love PJ, and i realize that the books have already come out, they’re in ink, written in stone, we cant change what riordan/rowling has done. SO WHAT THE HECK ARE WE ARGUING ABOUT?

    • Hp.gone.wild

      riordan copied the original myth of perseus too.
      he even mentions the myth in the books, i think

  • rob

    yeah your right.. but i also loved percy jackson cause i have always loved mythology… i have a greek mythology book that i read a lot of times and somehow the book of percy jackson feels like a quiz bee. like there are so many times you’ll say yeah that’s right.. or that’s not really accurate there…

    nonetheless, i love potter and percy and edward! hahahaha

  • Professor Mack

    Well, I have to say that when I read the first Percy Jackson book I was shocked by the similarities with Harry Potter. Of course, many stories follow the Hero’s tale, and take bits and pieces from many traditions and mythology. But to put them together in almost exactly the same way? That is a bit too much. I was so hopeful that there would be a truely refreshing spin on Greek mythology in this series, but alas, it was a pale imitation of Harry.

    And I do mean pale. The writing style and character development was horrible by comparison. The sentences are so short, choppy and repetitive that it is very difficult to read it aloud. And when Riordan lays clues to what is to come, he practically beats you over the head with them. By the end of the first few chapters, you know exactly what will happen. It’s no challenge. In addition, the “defeat a new monster in every chapter” thing gets really old really fast. He give away too much too soon. For pete’s sake, he slays one of the worst monsters right off the bat in his first encounter with one – so how much worse can it get? There is just no reall suspense or mystery about the whole plot.

    So, unfortunately, I have to give Percy Jackson two thumbs down – one for blatant plot rip-off and another for not even writing it well. I was so disappointed I could not bring myself to read the second book of the series. Reading a book like The Lightning Thief just serves to remind me what a great writer Rowling really is, and how well she blended old myths, literary traditions, languages, politics, social commentary, mystery and suspense to come up with something new and remarkable. It’s not how many monsters you slay, but how you go about it and how well it is written. I haven’t heard of too many people re-reading Percy Jackson many times and getting something new out of it every time.

    • http://none Meagan

      Professor May, you are a GENIUS!!! I personally am a HUGE fan of Rowling and I agree with you in all respects. I too read only the first book, (because my mom convinced me to buy it when I bought Order of the Pheonix. I still want my money back!) but found a rip off for almost all the Potter books.
      Here is a list of RIP OFFS
      1.) Harry and Percy are both Half-Bloods, which Riordan puts particular emphasis on
      2.) Harry’s bedroom is a broom cupboard, Percy’s is Gabe’s office
      3.) Harry and Percy both start out with problems with odd happenings.
      4.) Both hint about snakes
      5.) Both mothers have long red hair and special eyes
      6.) Both get looks mostly from their fathers (such as GREEN EYES AND JET BLACK HAIR!?!)
      7.) I’m not sure why no one has mentioned THE INVISIBILITY CAP?
      8.) Grover and Ron are both introduced early on as friendly, while it takes a while for Hermione and Annabeth to get over differences with the main character
      9.) Half-blood hill/Hogwarts? can anyone see any similarities?
      10.) Both characters take up spots on a sports team after a fight with their nemesis that should have gotten them in serious trouble
      11.) Not to mention the characters: Percy/Harry, Grover/Ron, Annabeth/Hermione, Gabe/Uncle Vernon, Clarice/Draco, Chiron/Dumbledore, Luke/Riddle, IT’S ENDLESS!
      12.) Percy has nightmares about Kronos
      13.) The confrontation with Luke was a cross between the scene in the chamber of secrets and the Quirrel confrontation, as was the scene with the minotaur
      14.) Even the way camp half-blood (half-blood! originally a term for Harry Potter!) orders food is a rip off of the Yule Ball!
      15.) Although it was slightly (Okay, very) predictable, there was a three-headed dog
      16.) Both Clarice and Draco’s dads are despicable and servants to the villain.
      17.) Even though Annabeth is technically a Half-blood, her mortal father married another woman after Athena left, giving her mortal parents just like Muggle-Born Hermione
      18.) The Medusa attack was highly similar to the Bathilda attack in Deathly Hallows
      19.) Both the death of Sirius and the “death” of Percy’s mom were somewhat similar
      20.) Dionysus and Filch are also very similar
      21.) Harry and Percy are singled out by fame of their parentage
      22.) Campers are sorted into houses
      These are just the similarities that come to mind. 22 rip offs in one book!!! Riordan EVEN had the nerve to mention Harry Potter! Close to the end of the book in the Empire State Building, Percy saw the guard reading a large book with a picture of a wizard on the front! I honestly don’t know how Jackson fans are going to explain this in a way other than this is a poorly written revision of Harry Potter.
      Lastly, Harry Potter is a classic series, and no one will be able improve it, so boo on Rick Riordian for trying.

    • Hp.gone.wild

      Meagan. Wow. you got it exactly. im not sure about you, but i like the PJs (for humor and some action sequences)(very predictable though), course not as much as Potter though. the two series are very similar and i really love how people notice it. riordan had a decent idea with the greek, but he um… needed… um… lessons on plagarism/copyrights?

    • Hp.gone.wild

      also, riordan copied A TON from the original pereus’s myth. watch clash of the titans for a rough idea, but i suggest looking it up and reading up on the original perseus yourself, people/

      • percykelp

        Are you stupid? He didn’t steal anything, he USED the myths as the basic structure of his stories. Greek Myth is in public domain so he can use everything. Should JK Rowling be sued too because he used centaurs that are in Greek Myth? No, that’s the main point of PJO, it’s all about the myths, reshaping the myths to fit to the mortal world. Stupid ass.

  • Alyce

    Um… im a fan of both PJO and HP. I know that it seems that its copying. Rick Riorden actually wrote this in the late 90s because he thought there wasnt enought childrens books. Also: Percy is 12 in the 1st book. And Im guessing that Fluffy (the 3 headed dog in HP) is actually based on Cerberus, the 3 headed dog in PJO. In the 4th HP, its a maze. Riorden isnt copying Rowling cuz Riorden is basing it off greek mythology. I mean, if anything, its not Riordens fault about the copying, its Rowlings cuz she took stuff from greek mythology (no im not blaming her) yes there is a bunch on the same stuff in the 2 series, but that doesnt mean its copying.

    IT DOESNT MATTER! Lots of books have the same basic plot! And may i remind yall, Riorden based this off of greek mythology! so duh theres gonna be a prophacy! and as for Rowling, she probably did some reaserch on mythology and decided a prophacy would be good.

    • percykelp

      You’re right! Riordan wrote the first book the same times Rowling is writing hers. The Lightning Thief got in a slush pile before being picked up, it took a really long process before the novel can be published.

      • declan casey

        But the book was released later than the first Harry Potter. There is no way Jo could’ve copied.

  • Alyce

    AND OH MY GODS how could you not like PJO?!?!?!?!?!?! I LOVE both series and possibly PJO better!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you say its a rip off?!?!?!?!?!!?!??! You cant judge a book by its covor (or first 15 pages, either!) so you should read the other books!!!!!!!!!!!! does Aphrodite ever come to tell Harry that hes in love with Ginny? NO!!!!!!!!! Does Percy Jackson have a scar on his forehead? NO!!!!!!!! And how is Clarisse like Draco? Clarisse and Percy become friends for Kronos’ sake! And do Harry and Draco become friends? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Does Dumbledore have 4 legs and a tail? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone turn into a pine tree in Harry POtter? NO!!!!!!!!!! And if the baslisk pertifies people, how could it be Rick Riorden’s falt if he used MEdusa, who turns people into stone? SHES IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY, and for those of you who are too stupid to realize, IS WHAT PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS IS BASED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU STUPID PIECES OF DRAGON DUNG WOULD HATE PERCY JACKSON FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok. that was a little mean. but for yall who dont want to read PJO because hes ‘copying’ (which really, theyre both using the classic ‘hero’ topic) should either give it a try or give me 50 good reasons why I shouldnt LOVE PJO!!!!!!
    Love, Alyce Chase

  • Alyce

    Oh right AND duh, HALF-BLOODS! Half-Bloods actually ARE from greek mythology, so theres no WAY riordan could have stolen that!

  • Jason

    Yeah I agree, when I read the Percy Jackson books, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of the similarities. But I do have to say, that even if he did take a lot of elements from the HP books that made it successful(not to mention made kids want to read again), he did make it work well with his story.

    Nothing wrong with that, right?

  • j

    OK? i like both series. yes they are pretty much the same books but still.

  • j

    i like both series. yes they are pretty much the same books but still.

  • Jay

    Meagan. Maybe he was trying to promote Harry Potter so more kids would read it when they were older. And you don’t know that the book was Harry Potter. It just said it was about a wizard. Maybe it was from another wizard book.

    I like PJ way more than Harry Potter, because it just sounds better and the idea is more original than Rowlings!

    • emily

      percy jackson is nowhere as could as harry potter!!!
      rick riordan could never even touch .j.k.Rowlings amazing ideas and origanallity. who doesnt like an oraphened hero with a pure heart and did i mention he is a wizard with an extremely powerful and evil wizard who wants to kill him and take over the world sending his deatheaters after this boy.where as percy has luke and kronos after him.but has 12 all powerful beings on his side and harry just ron and hermione.

  • av

    I’m a fan of both books (more a fan of Percy Jackson :)) and i don’t see why people would be fighting over this. sure some parts are similar but for the most part the books are on completely different topics. and the hero thing was used in millions of books before harry potter so did you ever think that the Percy Jackson books not only didn’t copyright but were probably more original than hp

    • emily

      i dont know who you are but harry potter is original and awsome.besides harry and percy are so alike,so you can shut-up now

      • Emanual

        but one major difference between them is that you can instantly say that harry is going to fufill the prophecy and you find out he does. as for percy you think hes going to fufill the prophecy, even in the beginning and middle of last book, but find out the it was the orginial antagonist Luke.

  • emily

    a)percy started out 12 and harry 11
    b)its percy,annabeth,luke and grover.1girl,3boys but harrys
    is 2 boys and 1 girl
    c)at the end mr.D liked percy sort of and snape tried to save
    harrys life.

  • Miss Rhei

    Totally agree, and there are more similarities – nevertheless I had fun with Percy Jackson as much as I had with Harry Potter.

  • Gery

    I have to say that the series are diferent, I mean I read both of them. I don’t know why somebody would even look for similarities. Just enjoy the books.

  • Pavla

    Both books start with an 11 year old boy when they find out they are more than what they seem (1 is a wizard and 1 is a demigod) – To be fare, I’m a Percy J. fan and I know that in the 1st book Percy is 12, not 11.

  • Alex nguyen

    i never thought of this before. maybe that is why i choose the percy jackson series right after harry potter.

  • Kris_swit

    i’m so glad that they released the first book of The Heroes of Olympus
    because honestly after the 2 series, I’ve got nothing to look forward to.
    Well, thank you Rick Riordan!

  • Sebastian Bernal

    im a huge fan of both series!!!

  • Random_expression

    Oooo just kinda stumbled into here lol
    Im going to be very honest and let u know that I didn’t even know PJ existed until the movie and I liked the movie thought it would be a great read and so I eventually purchased the books now only have the last book left to read in the PJ series…
    I must say I notice some similarities between the two stories but I notice the interesting differences as well!
    And Percy was 12 not 11 =/
    Oh the prophecy…similar yet different. Harry really doesn’t even find out about his until MUCH later in the book while PJ finds out rather quickly there is a prophecy and even quicker he finds out what it is…also its not really clear who it could turn out to be about The Prophecy could be about others introduced in the book…witch I find quite entertaining! And I must say I don’t really see this as stealing not unless HP is the first book ever to use a prophecy
    Ah the way people are slit up…actually in HP I always kinda felt let down about Slytheren always hopped one person would pop out of that house (besides Snape) and fight for whats right…where as in Percy no house is really evil they do all work together despite some betrayals…and the people that do betray all have good reasons feeling left behind by the gods their mother/father…where as in HP the Slytheren house is just full of evil just because.
    Both Percy and Harry seem to get bullied but u know a lot of books have the character get pushed around and stand up to bullies so I really wouldn’t say the PJ books took that from Harry at all…
    Oh and a big difference is that Percy’s family life is much better away from his camp then HP from his school…Percy loves seeing his mom and loves being at camp Half-blood…Percy is treated rather well in his time away from the camp besides in the first book…Harry’s life away from school is always depressing.
    Oh I guess they both have a character that is afraid of spiders…but I hardly say that’s big or a rip off
    I also noticed the 3 headed dog but didn’t think much of it after all he is in Greek mythology …makes sense to me
    Ah they both have a smart girl…but they are so different from each other personality wise
    I think I saw someone mention the Cap of invisibility…really I like the idea of a cloak better…however im sure there are many books with invisibility abilities in them.
    Also someone mentioned Dionysus and Filch being similar…to me they are as similar as Zeus is to Neville Longbottom…but maybe that’s just me
    And the half blood thing actually never dawned on me I guess just didn’t make that connection…maybe because everyone at the camp is a half blood…and there is no discrimination like in HP
    And I noticed the dream thing to HP was connected to Voldy threw dreams …but such a difference as everyone at the Camp has the potential to have dreams related to ones close to them or things they are connected too…Percy was not the only one that would have dreams… to me it seemed a power that Half bloods just had where as in HP only harry has dreams that were real and such.
    So I guess if u say the books are alike I guess they both involve some young boy his friends going on adventures then yeah…but when u start getting into most of the details I personally don’t think PJ is a rip off at all…also it’s a good read for anyone!

  • ShaunaEverdeen

    Great post. 😀

  • Percylover

    percy starts off 12 not 11

  • Alina

    Don’t forget that Harry has the ability to speak with snakes and Percy can speak with horses :) Kinda weird 😀

    Both series is GREAT! love them :)

  • Frannie

    I really do love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but there is NO rip-offs. Just because they are both “Half-Bloods” and so on, doesn’t really prove a point. Plus, the Three-Headed dog Cerbeus (or however it’s spelled) is a part of Mythology, therefore, not stolen by either authors. Same with the Sphinx. And the houses: Each house in Percy Jackson is for a different god, not based on the traits as much as the fact the people in that cabin are born of a certain god. The books have similar morales, I’ll give you that. But many books have that right vs. easy plot- not just Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. Both are very well-written books, with several minor similarities that are barely relevant to the plots.

    Thank you for your opinion and I hope you take mine into consideration. 

  • pipermclean

    Both books start with an 11 year old boy when they find out they are more than what they seem (1 is a wizard and 1 is a demigod) – ACTUALLY Percy Jackson is twelve in the beginning of the series.Book 4 in each series features a labyrinth – THE Labyrinth mentioned in Percy Jackson is the original LabyrinthBoth stories revolve around a prophecy that involves the main character – who would it be about? Bob the janitor?There is a teacher at both schools that has it out for the main character. – Mr D isn’t a teacher. He’s a god –  a slacker too. But it’s revealed he doesn’t really hate Percy. He thinks he is the one who could save the gods and the mortals too.Both feature a 3 headed dog – Cerberus is the original 3 headed dog. JK Rowling based hers on the original one. She mentions this in numerous interviews.Both touch on the theme of doing what is right versus doing what is easy -The bad guy in both series uses others to gain power and their human form back – actually, Kronos doesn’t only want a human form. The human form is just a stepping stone for him, to get to his immortal, ultimate state.Both feature “Half-Bloods” – but both have very, very different meanings. Half-blood in Percy Jackson means a child who is half god, half-mortal. A Half-Blood in Percy jackson is a wizard/witch who is half-Muggle and half-Wizard/witchHogwarts and Camp Half-Blood both split their pupils out into different houses. Each house has it’s distinguishing characteristics – Camp Half-Blood has different cabins. Twelve of them, to be exact. Hogwarts doesn’t have a house for pranksters and thieves and agriculture and other of the things mentioned in PJO, does it?

  • minotaur

    To the person who commented a while earlier, Meagan: you’ve made a lot of errors in your ‘review’. 
    2.) Harry’s bedroom is a broom cupboard, Percy’s is Gabe’s office
    Let me just say, Gabe’s ‘office’ was originally Percy’s room before he was sent again.4.) Both hint about snakes
    Where, exactly? Snakes have no purpose in Percy Jackson, other than to be killed.5.) Both mothers have long red hair and special eyes 
    – Percy’s mother does not have red hair. She has brown hair. I don’t know where you got this from. And as for the ‘special eyes’ part? The only thing about her eyes that are special is that she can see through the mist.6.) Both get looks mostly from their fathers (such as GREEN EYES AND JET BLACK HAIR!?!)
    – Percy’s looks are completely his father’s, whereas Harry does not get his father’s eyes. James’ eyes are hazel. Not green. Those are Lily’s.

    I think Percy Jackson is an excellent read, especially how it’s in Percy’s point of view. It makes it more fun, unlike with Harry Potter which is written in a more posh way. But I guess that’s because it’s British.

    Get your facts straight. I’m not hating on you or anything. But I’m sick and tired of people comparing every single book that comes out to Harry Potter. 

  • Angelos DS Fernandes

    However, Harry Potter is by far better than that piece of shit… you can take one reason that overpowers all… the view. Harry Potter is third-person, which is the best. And first-person writer shall know that you (‘I’ in the novel) are not a psychic. Suddenly coming up with I saw Annabeth was thinking about me. <– example. How do you know Annabeth is thinking about you?

  • Norwegians

    Sorry to say this, guys, ’cause I love both of them, but you Potterheads are wrong.

    1 That’s stupid. You can’t compare age! You actually think Rick stole AGE from HP? Ha-ha.

    2 Not really. It’s mainly Percy and Annabeth. Tyson, Grover, Nico … Those are main characters too.

    3 Big deal. It’s taken from greek mythology. All of it. It’s just random it’s the 4’th book.

    4 May I ask who? Oh, no one -.-

    5 Again: And where do you think it is from? You think JKR made up all that stuff? No, it’s OLD! It’s GREEK AND ROMAN!

    6 What fanasy book does not?

    7 Yeah, you are absolutely right. But if you read both series, you’ll see a HUGE different between how important that is and stuff. It’s another way. Kronos is taking a person who is Percy’s friend. Only him. Voldemort uses many unimportant figures.

    8 And again: Half-blood or demigod are old words. They don’t belong to Harry Potter.

    9 Yes. I finds that the main similarity. But again, if you reads all of it, yuo’ll find CHB WAY different from Hogwarts. 

    10 What? You expect everyone to go along with everybody?

  • Dylan

    Harry¨Potter almost always in Hogwarts, (exept the last book), Percy Jackson is mostly in the “real world”, on a queeste, he’s only in Camp Halfblood some weeks in a whole year…
    There are A LOT of books that compare much more to Harry Potter than Percy Jackson!

  • Icypenguin1998

    They are similar in some ways as alot of other books are. But they have many differences. In a comment below me some, he said that some characters are the same bit ripped off like this;
    Luke/Riddle (WTF Tom was never friends with Harry in the beginning. Besides Luke killed himself to save everyone including Percy, Tom would never do they same heroic act)

    Clarisse/Draco (ok I would be ten times more afraid of Clarisse than Draco because they are so different!! You have Clarisse, a tough daughter of Ares who can whip someones ass whenever she wants! When you have it with Draco, he is more of a school bully, not really whipping peoples asses! And Clarisse becomes friends with Percy eventually but Draco never does.

    Annabeth/Hermione similar in a lot of ways but my question is, WHERE IN THE BOOKS DID IT SAY THAT ANNABETH FELL IN LOVE WITH GROVER?? Oh wait no she didn’t. Hermione, in my perspective is more work, work, work whereas Annabeth is more funny and lovable not all work work work.

    Harry/Percy why did he even go here?? Does Percy have a lightning scar?? Does Harry have a pen that can turn into a sword?? Does Percy have a wand?? Does Harry have a half brother that happens to be a cyclops??

    Grover/Ron no no no not a rip off. All Hero’s need sidekicks. And Grover is a thing of mythology, Ron is just a Ginger. Grover didn’t fall in love with annabeth, he fell in love with Juniper. Grover is cooler, in my opinion.

  • no one

    1.Percy is 12!!! as he finds out who he is
    2.the three headed dog?? it is greek mythologie, there ARE such things.
    3. Half-Blood?? this designation is older than j.k. rowling so he is aloud to use it. 


    Percy’s book start when he was 12,not 11