Celebrity Authors – The Bad, The Worse & The Just Plain Ugly


You know what really makes me mad? When celebrities write books. Most of these people are not famous for being smart, which is what you need to be to write a book. Take Pamela Anderson for example. She’s famous for just one thing (actually make that two, and what a wonderful pair they are). So why can’t she content herself with sticking to what she’s good at? Instead celebrities delude themselves into thinking we want to do more than just look at them. They think we’ll actually pay to read what’s on their mind as well. Wrong. Here are some books by celebrities that are currently being sold for less than $1 on Amazon. They can’t practically give these things away!

The Truth About Diamonds: A Novel By Nicole Richie – In this book Nichole dishes about being a young Hollywood brat that is famous for nothing. I got bored just typing that much. It currently goes for $0.01 on Amazon (new and used).

Star: A Novel by Pamela Anderson – A peek into the life of Anderson and bad writing.

How To Lose Your Ass & Regain Your Life by Kirstie Alley – This book is several years old. Anyone that has seen Alley lately would agree she is due to write a follow-up, “How to Lose Your Ass & Find It Again”. You go girl, big is beautiful.

The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries by Tinkerbell Hilton – The life of Paris Hilton written from her dog, Tinkerbell’s point of view. I vomited a little bit in my mouth even as I typed this.

Britney Spears’ Heart To Heart – I’m not a big fan of Britney bashing so I won’t say anything more on this one.

My Lives by Roseanne Barr – This book would be awesome if when you opened it, it did the famous Roseanne cackle.

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