BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by Jennifer Weiner [Review]

Best Friends Forever book

I’ve read a lot of books this summer and Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner is one of the better ones. It has all the features of a great beach book: it’s light, entertaining, and a quick read. It also has Wiener’s usual themes – friendship, struggling with weight loss and body image – but the serious subjects are balanced by silliness and humor.

Best Friends Forever is about Addie and Valerie who became BFFs when they were 9 years old and lived on the same street. The story begins on the night of the reunion of Pleasant Ridge High School class of 1992, which Addie decided to skip, even though she still lives in the same town. Her senior year was a living hell after she had a big falling out with Valerie. They haven’t spoken in 15 years, but the night of the reunion Valerie shows up at Addie’s door with blood on her sleeve and asks for help. Addie decides to help her former friend (though I wasn’t really clear on why) and they set out on a Thelma and Louise style journey.

Jennifer Weiner has a talent for creating likeable characters that are struggling with self-esteem issues. Addie Downs, who for most of her life was overweight and struggled with emotional eating, is a great character to root for. It’s easy to sympathize with her story of being overshadowed by the blond, popular Valerie. The more superficial and carefree Valerie has become a local celebrity as the weatherperson at a Chicago TV station. She seemed very shallow and I never connected with her character. There were certain parts of the plot that I didn’t find very plausible but it’s a good story nonetheless. I enjoyed Best Friends Forever and am looking forward to Jennifer Weiner’s next book.

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