KILLER SUMMER by Ridley Pearson [Review]


Sun Valley Sheriff Walt Fleming’s personal and professional problems collide in Killer Summer by Ridley Pearson. His wife left him for one of his deputies, he has twin daughters to parent, he tries to be a role model for his teenage nephew, and he has some unresolved issues with his own father. In the midst of all his personal drama, Sun Valley, Idaho, a resort town to the rich and famous, is hosting their annual wine convention. Three bottles of wine once owned by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams will be auctioned at the event. While fly-fishing with his nephew Kevin, Walt spies a suspicious tow-truck and ends up foiling a group of criminals trying to steal the wine. Sheriff Fleming’s department must catch the thieves and guard the wine until the auction can take place. To complicate matters, a graduate student, who is an expert on Thomas Jefferson, comes to town claiming the wine bottles are fakes. It’s up to the small town sheriff to try and sort this all out and protect his family from the bad guys.

Killer Summer is a great thriller and a good heist story that is perfect for summertime reading. Fleming refers to the guy planning the theft as George Clooney, but, unlike Ocean’s 11, the sheriff is the star of this story. This is the third book to feature Walt Fleming, but the first I’ve read and I had no trouble jumping right in. I’m actually curious about how the problems with his wife and father originated, so I might go back and read the first two books, Killer View and Killer Weekend. What I liked was that his family issues weren’t treated in a sappy way and they made Fleming’s character seem very realistic and relatable. Killer Summer would be a great book to take on your summer vacation.

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