Sherrilyn Kenyon Book Signing

Sherrilyn Kenyon at Borders

I went to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s August 5th book signing at Borders Books & Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan (you can watch a video from the event here). She was there to meet fans and to sign copies of her latest book in the Dark Hunter series, Bad Moon Rising. I’ve never read her books, but I thought I would go and check out the event. I was blown away by the huge number of people who came and by her fan’s intensity. Several people dressed in costumes and there was even a best costume contest before Kenyon arrived. Colored wristbands were handed out in order to prioritize groups for lining up for the book signing, but people seemed to accept that they might have to wait over 3 hours for their turn. A group of women standing near me said that last year they had waited until almost midnight to get their books signed. The long wait time is due partly to the crowds and partly because Kenyon takes pictures and chats with her fans.

While I was at this event I couldn’t help but wonder how does Sherrilyn Kenyon, who isn’t exactly a household name, manage to have such a devoted fan base? One reason is that she’s one of the founding authors of the incredibly popular paranormal romance genre. She talked a little bit about how she initially had a really hard time finding a publisher for her mixed genre books. She proved that there is a huge market for paranormal romance and Bad Moon Rising is currently number one on the New York Times bestseller list. More than that, though, she seems to really connect with her fans on a personal level. When she took questions from the audience it seemed like she was chatting with old friends. People asked about her family and wanted to talk about their own kids with her. Reading up on Kenyon, I was surprised by the obstacles she’s overcome such as child abuse, dyslexia, and being homeless. She truly has an inspirational story.

After attending this event, I was intrigued enough to buy Fantasy Lover, which Amazon lists as the first book in the Dark Hunter series. However, now I see that Sherrilyn Kenyon’s website lists Night Pleasures as the first book. I’ve only read about half of Fantasy Lover and I don’t know if I’ll read the rest because I just couldn’t get into it. I was expecting vampires and vampire slayers, but it’s about a Greek god turned sex slave. Sheesh. I’m guessing I should have started with Night Pleasures instead. Any Sherrilyn Kenyon fans care to clue me in? Do the books get better as the series progresses?

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