NAKED by David Sedaris [Review]


If you are new to David Sedaris you should definitely check out some of his older books, especially one of my personal favorites, Naked. Similar to most other Sedaris books, it’s a collection of short stories that centers around his family, and growing up in North Carolina. What I like about his books is that there is always a sub-theme. In Naked, the sub-theme is Sedaris’s exploits as a hitchhiking college youth. One such story focuses on the hitchhiking adventure Sedaris takes with his female quadriplegic friend in college. In another story, Sedaris writes about the time he took up residence in a nudist colony. If his life couldn’t get anymore random, he also spent some time working the craft fair circuit in Oregon, selling handcrafted Jade clocks.

Often times when I read a David Sedaris book I’m captivated by how he’s able to take regular, every day interactions and turn them into something brilliant. What’s different about Naked is that some of the stories are completely unbelievable. Somewhere between his story about his obsessive compulsive disorder and the one about his family’s phantom pooper, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Wow, this guy has really lived”!

If you’re looking for a good reason to go on a road trip, pick up this book and start living. Sedaris will show you what happens when you abandon common sense and take what life hands you. In some cases it may hand you nudists, soiled bathroom towels, and a quadriplegic, but you know what? That’s life, and it’s damn interesting.

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