THE ATLANTIS REVELATION by Thomas Greanias [Review]


The Atlantis Revelation is Thomas Grenias’ finale to his Atlantis Trilogy, the other two books being Raising Atlantis and The Atlantis Prophecy. The action packed book follows Conrad Yeats, an astro-archaelogist, as he races to track down a Nazi weapon based on Atlantean technology, before a group called The Alignment can use it. As the action jumps from the Mediterranean to Europe to the Middle East, we meet more of Conrad’s associates, namely Serena Serghetti, a Vatican linguist who has quite a history with Conrad. The action builds up through the book to an exciting final showdown under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, with Middle East peace hanging in the balance.

This book is described as a thriller and is in a similar vein as books by Clive Cussler, James Rollins or Steve Berry. I like to call these books “artifact fiction,” because the storyline usually revolves around an archaeologic artifact or site and a battle between the smart, debonair protagonist and an evil conspiracy group bent on taking over the world. What sets Grenias’ book apart is that his characters travel in the same social strata as Presidents, billionaires and Bill Gates, which he uses to help enrich the story line. The other distinctive element is the Atlantis mythology intertwined in the book, it does not become the main driver of the story, instead it makes appearances here and there to keep you thinking “Hmmmmm” while providing another dimension to the plot.

Overall, I liked this book and would recommend it to others who are into “artifact fiction,” without reservation. It was a fun, quick read with an interesting plot and always moving action. Although Greanias has mentioned in interviews that this book was meant to be more of a stand alone and did not require reading the first two books in the trilogy, I think reading the first two books would help one enjoy the book more. I had not read the previous two books and had a few “What the ?” moments, especially when there are some references to Serena and Conrad’s past. The good news is that the first two books have been combined into one volume called The Atlantis Legacy, to help readers catchup as quickly as possible. Age wise this book will be best enjoyed by adults, though high schoolers will be able to follow the plot and the story line. I would not recommend for young adults or younger because of the mature themes and the complexity of the plot. There is an audiobook version available through, narrated by Scott Brick, who is one of the better voice narrators in the business.

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