Edward Cullen Vs Eric Northman – Who Would You Sink Your Teeth Into?

Edward Cullen vs Eric Northman

Two of the most crushed on vampires as of late would have to be Edward Cullen (from the Twilight series) and Eric Northman (from the Sookie Stackhouse novels). So, who would you sink your teeth into? Here is a profile on each character if you need help making up your mind:

Edward Cullen

Height: 6’2

Hair: Bronze

Eyes: Topaz (or black if he needs to hunt)

Age: 104

Pros: Besides being a perfect 10 in the looks department, he’s also great at piano, can read minds, can function during the day, and has a sweet car collection.

Cons: Lives with his mother (and other family members), can read minds, will always be in high-school.

Eric Northman

Height: 6’5

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Age: 1,000+

Pros: Also easy on the eyes, Eric has many things going for him that make worthy of a crush. For starters, he’s the most powerful vamp in area 5, and owns his own bar. He’s also over 1,000 years old, which is about 10 times older than Edward.

Cons: He must sleep all day which makes the day-date impossible, he’s a little arrogant, and more than a little dangerous.

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  • Carol

    I never thought I could love a vampire more than Edward, but I was very wrong. I absolutely adore Eric Northman!! He is such an intoxicating character, and I can’t get enough of book and TV Eric!


  • LizKS

    Well, to tell the truth neither. Give me Mick St. John of MOONLIGHT and then ask me 😉 (Eric would come in second).

  • amie

    LOL! Awesome.

  • http://angiebatgirl.wordpress.com AngieBatgirl

    This should be easy seeing as Ed isn’t really a vampire. He’s a sparkly stalker and Eric could break him in half with his little finger.

    REAL vampires don’t sparkle!

  • patsy

    No contest,Viking all the way.

  • Tina

    Eric! Eric!

  • http://www.hazeldesigns.blogspot.com hazel designs

    I, too, didn’t think I could love a vampire more than I love Edward, but Eric is aaawesome. Totally all about him now.

  • chinoise

    i love Eric..Edward is tooooo young and i think he is just for those immature LOLI. like prince charming… really childish. you may thought E was handsome and charming..but not sexy at all…

  • chinoise

    by the way , i must admit if i was still a teenage girl in high school,,may be Edward should be the one.

    and maybe just because i ‘m a chinese ~ sexy muscle man is only a legend in my world….poooooooooooooooooooor chinese girls.

  • Chip


  • ErinN

    Eric Northman.. our striking viking.

  • ashleighhhh

    oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh. Eriiiicccc! Edward is a gay sparkly stalker freak! Not to mention that Robert Pattinson is like the grossest guy in the WORLD! nah…, ERIC NORTHMAN ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Nenya

    I’m not gonna bash the sparkly dude, but Eric motherfucking northman is just an AMAZING character in both, books and show, no contest here, the Viking is superior in every way.

  • aliademerzel

    ERIC ERIC ERIC! Even though before getting the books( Southern Vampire ones) I was totally inlove with Edward. Now I keep re-reading the shower scene.. hmm..yup! Definitely Eric!

  • http://erichotty.com eric lover

    eric eric eric is so hot that that i would never choose edward:i wanna do bad things with u(lol).edward is a asshole

  • http://ericsohot.com eric sookie lover

    eric eric eric eric eric eric eric is the hotest guy on earth and sookie and the majisty are the prettyist girls on earth the cast on true blood are so cool but not bill



  • MiraFireStarter

    But Eric is always going to be No.1 in his world, while Edward would kill himself if his loved one died. Eric wouldn’t try save you if it posed a risk to himself or his precious bar.
    Plus Eric feeds off humans and carelessly cruel to lesser vamps/people/shifters, and Edward is almost as humane as Carlisle and feeds off animals.
    And it would be Edward snapping Eric like a twig, cos he’s nearly indestructible and doesn’t bleed when attacked!
    Gotta say Edward does seem like the perfect choice here…..

  • viking princess

    It’s Edward……only if Eric is never existed!

    Eric made Edward’s all go wrong!

  • Kayla

    Eric all the way!!!

  • Woohoo

    I think people are looking into it too much. Like how humane they are…they’re vampires 4 gods sake! it’s basically who u wanna f**k the most. so

    ERIC!!!!! <3

  • Lucifer

    Obviously Eric! Edward sucks and was so much better in the books and Eric is super hot and taller then him. So take that! And Eric is sooo cute when he loses his memory. Besides what’s a man without an ego the size of Texis? I’m a night person anyway and hate the sun, I like a blood. Real vampires drink real blood in my opinion, which is also why Eric is also cooler then Bill. Sookie doesn’t deserve Eric. Hot Scandinavian Viking here I come!

  • Cassie

    I would sink my teeth into Eric

  • Niki Pinto

    I would go for Eric for sure, must admit though I always preferred the dangerous ones….
    I like the Twilight Saga…books and the movies as well, but Eric is more of a vamp for me than Edward.

  • vampiressa

    Although I haven’t red saga books, only saw twilight and new moon, the whole idea that vampires don’t have key nines and are all glittery in the sun, and don’t have to sleep at all is just too ridiculous for me.
    Eric is much better character both in the series and in the books.
    Original vampires are bloodsucking bags of blood, absolutely no other thought but kill and drink blood. Believe me: you wouldn’t wish to mess with them.
    Oh, one more thing you can kill them only by exposing them to sun light, and stabbing them with a hawthorn stick right through their heart.

  • Dot

    Edward is so sweet! Like an adorable puppy! Eric is… Is there a word for how Eric is??? :) Sookie’s right! He’s deep, and there’s love in him. He just saves it for the ppl closest to him. Pam, Sook, Godric… And me! Of course!!!

    The Viking can sink his teeth into me, any night!

  • Avarie

    Even though I love both of them, my choice would definitely have to be Edward. I love the thought of eternal life and not being constricted to night. Edward can have children. The love that he has for Bella is amazing. Eric wants everything his way, Edward just wants whats best for Bella. If I had to choose one to spend an eternity with it would be Edward. Just let me have a little bit of Eric when Edward is hunting. 😉

  • Catrin

    That is stupid joke!
    Of coure Eric!
    Edward vs Eric?!

  • Ade

    Viking Vampire FTW!
    edward cullen is a bore after awhile.

  • Rose_lilian

    Eric of course! Edward it’s not even a REAL vampire.

  • sealdust

    Eric Northman, definately.

  • curlsandvenom

    Hmm, hot dangerous viking vs sparkly depressing teenager. I think we all know who gets my vote. Mr Northman, on a plate.

  • Cary

    There is absolutely no contest on this one. Eric all the way!!!!! Actually its a complete insult to compare Eric to sparkle boy!

  • Guest

    Eriiiic 😀