Eric Northman Vs Aro

Aro / Eric Northman

So last week I asked who everyone’s favorite vampire crush was between Eric Northman (of the Sookie Stackhouse series) and Edward Cullen (of Twilight). I’m sorry to say for all you Twilight fans out there that it wasn’t even close. Eric won by a landslide. So this week, I’ve come up with a new question. In a fight between Eric Northman vs Aro (leader of the Volturi in Twilight), who do you think would win?

Here are a few stats if you need help making up your mind:


Location: Volterra, Italy

Age: 3,000+

Skills: Can read minds of anyone he’s touched

Pros/Cons: Although Aro is old, strong and cunning, he might be out of practice in a fight. As leader of the Volturi, there are plenty of people he can order to do his dirty work for him so he may need a refresher in vampire to vampire combat. [Spoiler if you haven’t read the last Twilight book] After all, in the last Twilight book didn’t he just give up and walk away?


Location: Louisiana

Age: 1,000 and change

Skills: As owner of the vampire bar, Fangtasia, as well as Sheriff of Area 5, Eric is well connected in the vampire community.

Pros/Cons: Eric is extremely strong, and is well versed in fighting. However, where Aro is the oldest, baddest vampire in the world, Eric is merely the Sheriff of his area in Louisiana.

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  • Kristen

    I going to go with Eric because for one thing, he can fly, which I think would give him an advantage. Also, since he’s a Viking, I think he’s pretty ruthless.

  • Robyn74

    I vote Eric. He was a viking so by his human nature he doesn’t fear death and is always up for a good fight. He wouldn’t be afraid to take on Aro, who as you mentioned is terribly out of practice. And at 6’4″ Eric towers over many of his opponents. It appears from both sagas that while they do live forever, vampires may lose some of the advantages of youth and become slow and frail in their latter years. So I suspect that crushing Aro would be like crumbling a dried up Autumn leaf for Northman.

  • Volturi

    Aro is definetly real bad ass vampire his portray is great, I love the clothes and jewerly. Eric look like a 6 foot tall college boy with make up going to play trick trick on Halloween night as vampire.

    The book he is a portay as what a vampire even thought the book is aboot B/E; I feel his presence as Dracula himself. Eric, consider his history of being a vampire a part the constant narration of sex and interest with Sookie; he will probably just be another character like Sam, Bill, alcide ect

    The series; Eric is portayed little bit more vilain and power even thought he has not got lot screening time, I like him as his character but some fans want him involve with Sookie that means lot books sexuals interaction; weird society. With the trailer on the Moon I can feel Aro power; that what I called vampire action, even True Blood is better in acting than Twilight. We can denied that the Moon trailer look good.

  • Isa

    Eric, of course, I have no doubt he can kill all the cast of twilight in a few minutes.
    besides he is extremely gorgeous.

  • chinoise

    i can’t agree more.Isa,those twilight boys are so immature..Eric is sooo man.

  • kaluca

    Eric loves a good fight!! He would never give up!

  • Otelie

    Eric is the maaaaaaaaaaaaan.

  • Lisa

    I’d have to vote for Eric too. He’s powerful, ruthless and loves a good fight.

  • ErinN

    Eric Northman right now is the most interesting vampire character out there. I believe the striking viking will … uh… live on forever.

  • Nenya

    btw, Eric could be the king if he wanted to, but he has said many times that likes being only a sheriff. Less complications.

    There’s nothing more exciting to Eric than the prospect of a good fight. I think I’m gonna have to vote for him.

  • Seawave

    Well if push came to shove, Aro can always call Renata or Felix 😉 ANd if Eric dared to touch a hair on my Aro’s head, I’d send him to Hades. That’s MY power 😉

    … Aro’s more the lover/artist type than a fighter, and in the last book, well … it seems to me he didn’t really want to fight, both for getting cold feet, and in the end, it seemed he wanted to keep the peace… I’d dash to Aro’s aide in a heartbeat also :) He’s my Twilight hunny and I adore him. 😉 He’s just so peppy and delish! And the poor guy needs love and a hug :) Michael Sheen rocks totally!

    And I’d vote for Aro over Edward anyday 😉 (I also adore Carlisle) I also think Aro is stronger than he looks and would be able to put up a good fight, however Aro’s A) too important, B) too gorgeous to die :)

    lol Seawave