Is Handwriting Becoming Obsolete?


Check out this thought provoking article by bestselling author Umberto Eco at the Guardian.

“It’s true that kids will write more and more on computers and cellphones. Nonetheless, humanity has learned to rediscover as sports and aesthetic pleasures many things that civilisation had eliminated as unnecessary.

People no longer travel on horseback but some go to a riding school; motor yachts exist but many people are as devoted to true sailing as the Phoenicians of 3,000 years ago; there are tunnels and railroads but many still enjoy walking or climbing Alpine passes; people collect stamps even in the age of email; and armies go to war with Kalashnikovs but we also hold peaceful fencing tournaments.”

As someone with horrible spelling, grammar, and handwriting (which I blame solely on being raised with spell-check), I think Eco makes some very valid points. Make sure to read the whole article.

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