206 BONES by Kathy Reichs [Review]

206 Bones

206 Bones is the number of bones in the human body. It is also the name of the best-selling book by Kathy Reichs and inspiration for the television show named simply, “Bones” (to learn more about “Bones” the TV show check it out at Daemon’s TV). When forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennan awakes, she finds herself in a pitch-black dark and musty room bound by the hands and feet. Temperance, or Tempe as she’s known to her friends, has no idea how she got there, but she’s determined to get out.

What follows is a series of flashbacks where Tempe works out the events leading up to her abduction. She recalls a trip to Chicago, with her colleague and ex-boyfriend Lieutenant Ryan, where she learns someone made an anonymous phone call about her mishandling an important case. It seems like she has an enemy. Could this anonymous tipster be the same person who abducted her? Could it all be related to a string of murders that Tempe was investigating? Will she ever make it out alive?

206 Bones is a great read because it oozes credibility. The author, Kathy Reichs, is actually a forensic anthropologist in real life, so many of the descriptions and dialogue sound very authentic (probably because it is). She also peppers in an interesting romantic sub-plot as well as all the suspense and intrigue around Tempe’s abduction.

My only gripe is the book didn’t move fast enough for me. I found myself skimming to get to the interesting parts. However, don’t get me wrong here, while I wasn’t blown away by the book, I still say it’s worth checking out. Especially if you are a fan of forensic dramas and/or the TV show.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Scribner | # of Pages: 308 | Buy on Amazon

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