Eric Northman Vs Bill Compton

Eric Northman and Bill Compton

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So a few weeks back I did a fun little “would you rather” on Eric from The Sookie Stackhouse books versus Edward from the Twilight books. Eric won by a landslide. Here is a new one, this time I’m keeping it in the Sookie series. So who would rather sink your teeth into between Eric Northman and Bill Compton? Here are the stats:

Eric Northman
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Age: 1,000+
Notes: He’s easy on the eyes, the most powerful vamp in area 5, and owns his own bar. He’s also over 1,000 years old, which makes him way older more powerful than Bill.

Bill Compton
Hair: Dark
Age: 174
Notes: Bill is a Civil War vet, how hot is that? He’s also handsome like Eric, but unlike Eric, Bill is the nice guy. While Eric is somewhat arrogant and manipulative, Bill is sweet and charming.

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