Eric Northman Vs Bill Compton

Eric Northman and Bill Compton

Update: Comments are now closed. Cast your final vote on the Eric vs Bill Contest through our poll here.

So a few weeks back I did a fun little “would you rather” on Eric from The Sookie Stackhouse books versus Edward from the Twilight books. Eric won by a landslide. Here is a new one, this time I’m keeping it in the Sookie series. So who would rather sink your teeth into between Eric Northman and Bill Compton? Here are the stats:

Eric Northman
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Age: 1,000+
Notes: He’s easy on the eyes, the most powerful vamp in area 5, and owns his own bar. He’s also over 1,000 years old, which makes him way older more powerful than Bill.

Bill Compton
Hair: Dark
Age: 174
Notes: Bill is a Civil War vet, how hot is that? He’s also handsome like Eric, but unlike Eric, Bill is the nice guy. While Eric is somewhat arrogant and manipulative, Bill is sweet and charming.

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  • Danni

    I love Bill. He trys so hard to hold on to his humanity against all odds. But he is not a choir boy by any means.

  • Deth


  • SallyAnn

    William Thomas Compton. The gentlemanly Civil War vet beats the Viking everytime!

  • bytemebillc

    William Thomas Compton!!!!! Always and Forever!!!!

  • Missy

    Well since I have read the books and watched True Blood I will still have to go with BILL all the way… But to some of the commenters Thank goodness Alan Ball isn’t going with the books 100%….

  • TaraD

    Bill is mahhhhn.

  • samantha stanley

    “but unlike Eric, Bill is the nice guy. While Eric is somewhat arrogant and manipulative, Bill is sweet and charming.”

    This is absolutely ONLY true if you’re basing your comments solely off the show and ignoring the books. In the books Bill is a conniving manipulating bastard. Eric may be manipulative, but he’s transparent and sincere. He never lies about what he wants. He may omit the truth, but he’s a much better man/vampire than Bill Compton could ever dream of being.

  • ilovevampires

    Eric all the way!!

  • http://daemonsbooks sarah

    Oh Bill, won’t you please come in my life? If he were only real..Bill ALWAYS!!! Eric NEVER!!! In fact Stephen Moyer ALWAYS!!! Alex NEVER!!!

  • Andréa

    Eric *-*

  • chelebr

    Bill. Bill. Bill. Hot, sweet, smoldering, sexy. There’s simply no other vampire that interests me in the least.

  • Ella

    Definitely Eric Northman! I completely agree with samantha stanley. Bill is so fake and people are so convinced of his sincerity when all the long he’s been playing Sookie the whole time. Based on the books, I cannot stand William Compton since he’s a liar and a total manipulator!
    Eric may be arrogant and vapid at times, but he’s true and honest when it counts and he’s very considerate when it comes to Sookie, hence the re-graveled driveway, the cranberry winter coat, saving her life…

  • Sophy

    If we are basing on the books, I would have to go with Eric. Even though he can be manipulative and self serving, but he can be protective to the vampires and people who governs under him. He was always there for Sookie, saving her life on several occasions and paid for her new driveway when she needed it. Now in the books, Bill maybe sweet at first, but he was also a liar, ambivalent to what Sookie really needs and wasn’t there when Sookie was in danger. He was also secretive and not completely honest with his intentions whereas Eric was more direct and up front of what he really wanted. Overall, Bill can be the sweet, southern gentlemen, but boring. Eric has a great sense of humor, offers great excitement and has many layers. He also inspires a lot of loyalty in the vampires who serve him(which is also reflected on the show). On the show, is a different matter.

  • arakha

    Eric, no contest.

  • Steffi

    ERIC!! Without a doubt

  • Rose

    What is wrong with you Bill lovers? Don’t you pay any attention to details?
    Bill constantly lies to Sookie. On TB he kills her uncle, kills Jessica and doesn’t tell her until he’s forced to. When he was at the Queens could tell he knew Hadley, Sookies cousin. So why has he never mentioned that to Sookie? What else is he keeping from her? He is a liar, who blames all his secrecy on protecting Sookie. When in fact he’s protecting himself. In the books he is a manipulator,liar, and cheater. Always..poor Bill..Oh I forgot to mention CHEAP with his money. Eric on the other hand is more truthful, even if it hurts sometimes..But he does things for Sookie. If she has a problem he fixes it. If she needs money or clothes, new driveway,, Eric is there for her. Not Bill,,,he is always professes his love,,but never showing it…ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.. AND ERIC IS THE ONE WHO SHOWS IT ALWAYS

  • Rose


  • Penster

    Is an Eric/ Bill sandwich out of the question?

  • Elaine

    Bill is the man

  • LeslieAnn

    BILL 24/7

  • http://TheBlueWhalePub Rowena

    All my love is going to William Thomas Compton. Yes!!!!!

  • Angie

    Bill is a dream come true.

  • Lisa

    Bill. Only Bill. Always Bill. Yes, I’ve read the books for anyone who actually cares. In the books and shows, he is motivated by love always. Love Stephen Moyer.

  • Dizzy Moo

    Bill compton omg yes please 😀 mind you i wouldn’t eric outta bed either but if given the choice its bill for me, that sexy voice & those come to bed eyes ooooooooooo he so got me hooked on true blood, Love his sexy yet scary looks it does it for me every time . If only i had my own bill compton *sigh*

  • Jogo

    Eric hands down!
    How can you even say Bill, he is extremely possesive and a compulsive liar and o yeah dan’t forget he is a RAPIST!
    If Charlaine Harris let’s Sookie end up with Bill she would personelly set the Women Movement back 50 years.
    Eric is independent and loves Sookie with all his heart, and so does she the other wat around.
    Eric + Sookie = True Love

  • xBax

    Eric. But if this was Eric vs Godric, I’d choose Godric 😀

  • Lu

    Eric, of course.

    How can anybody say that Eric doesn’t love Sookie? In the books, and in the show, he said very clearly that he loves her. And he shows it, also. He never lied to her, he has always saved her, when it was in his power, and his whole world revolves around her.

    Also, him loving Sookie is much more worthy than Bill loving her. Bill’s story is just meh. Harris didn’t give him much of a background, while Eric’s story is deep. And Eric was the one who told Sookie his story. She had to learn Bill’s from someone else.

    And we know Eric and Sookie love each other, and not just for the bond. I think that Harris wanted to leave this very clear, and why would she want that?

    Sookie loves Pam as well, and is very much a fundamental part of Eric life.

    I think that Harris is setting the ground for Eric to make the ultimate sacrifice for Sookie: choose her before the power. Then, we’ll have no doubt. It will disapoint me to no ends if after all the time Harris spent building Eric and Sookie’s relationship, they end up apart. Bill just blends with the background, he’s not a prominent figure in the later books. And in TB he’s just boring.

    Also, and not so important, Alexander Skarsgard is way hotter than Stephen Moyer. :)