Eric Northman Vs Bill Compton – Cast Your Final Vote

Eric Northman and Bill Compton

First off, a big thanks to everyone who commented on the Eric Vs Bill post from last week – you made it a lot of fun.

I received 171 comments and counting, and what is surprising, is the amount of votes for each vampire I received. I decided to make this more official and add a real poll.

So if you haven’t had the chance to pick your favorite vamp from the Sookie series yet, please cast your official vote. If you already left a comment on last week’s post please feel free to vote in this poll as well. Happy voting, and may the best vamp win!

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  • Supe

    Lauren: AMEN!!!
    Gosh….finally someone who said it!
    You reported every part that sometimes, i don’t know whay…people forget…
    Bill and Eric had given their Blood to Sookie, but Bill’s blood seems to have not influence on her but Eric’s blood yes…that’s soooooo stupid….
    She likes Eric from the first met in Fangtasia…just an actraction of course…but his blood just put her in touch with her feelings, these feelings that she didn’t realize yet (Book 2…that’s what she said!!)
    Of course i can’t stand someone who raped his girl….all women should be very hurts about that, but it doesn’t seems to be in that way for many….
    Btw Bill was alway rough with her in sexual thing, i’ve never seen the love for her, he almost jump on her when she was on the edge to faint ‘couse he knocked her down and ripped her clothes like an animal(Book 2)….that’s not love…
    Everytime with Eric was soooo sweet, he cared for her, for her pleasure…bit her where nobody could see…even in book 9 they chat like old buddies…he kissed he before leaving, kissed where he bit before…that’s care about someone!!!!and whe she survived in Book 9 he said he was PROUD of her becouse her SOUL was intact…her soul not her body, Eric loves her soul and personality….that’s love…

    so yes ERIC ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Cher

    ERIC rules!!

  • kj

    Hi, Ch has done it again in a radio interview – says that Eric is bad and evil and does not know why his fans don’t see it!\
    Bill rules!!!!

    • Eleni Rousi


  • Terri L Cole

    Well, lets just say Bill can start the nibbling and Eric can come in for the finish…….

  • Mary

    Let me get this straight…When Eric fans defend him, that is considered an “attack” and “rabid”?? It’s called debating and honestly, I thought it was a nice, friendly debate. *shrugs*

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  • Catrin

    Eric, Eric, Eric!
    There are 100 times sexier and more I like him :)