HEAT WAVE by Richard Castle [Review]

Heat Wave

I’m a huge fan of the TV show Castle so I couldn’t resist picking up Heat Wave, the book that lead character Richard Castle is supposed to be writing on the show. The premise of both the book and the show is that a popular author is shadowing a New York homicide detective and he helps her solve cases. It may sound like Murder She Wrote but it’s actually a lot more fun because of the banter and romantic tension between the main characters. Heat Wave is what I would call a fun, guilty-pleasure book because it’s a lot like reading an extended episode of Castle.

For those familiar with the show, all the main characters except Alexis are represented but with different names. Beckett is Nikki Heat and Castle is Jameson Rook, a famous reporter with lots of female fans. While a heat wave is making New York City unbearable, Heat is investigating the death of a wealthy real estate developer with more than a few similarities to Donald Trump. He fell from the balcony of his fancy apartment and they must figure out if he jumped or if he was pushed.

The main attraction of Castle is the ridiculously charming Nathan Fillion and the chemistry between him and Stana Katic. I was concerned that this wouldn’t translate into the book, but for the most part I think it did. Like I said before, Heat Wave reads just like an episode of Castle and I could totally picture the actors as the characters in the book. If anything, the sexual tension between Rook and Heat is even more amplified than between Castle and Beckett. I definitely recommend Heat Wave to Castle fans. It might not be great literature but it’s a whole lot of fun.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Hyperion | Pages: 208 | Buy on Amazon

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