A TOUCH OF DEAD by Charlaine Harris [Review]


This past weekend I checked out the book A Touch Of Dead by Charlaine Harris. A Touch Of Dead is a collection of short stories that features our favorite vamp-loving heroine Sookie Stackhouse. Just to be clear, this book is not a continuation of the current series, but rather a collection of tales that could have conceivably happened while the rest of the series was taking place. It’s a short read with large print, pictures and a petite page count of only 208. What I enjoyed about this book is that it was so small I could keep it in my purse and bust it out while in waiting rooms and the like.

The stories are better than average and I would recommend them to anyone that is a fan of Sookie. The stories range from humorous, to romantic, to even a bit scary. One of my favorite of the stories was about a party thrown by Eric on Dracula’s birthday. Every year Dracula is said to make an appearance at one of the parties thrown in his honor. Eric is described in the book as being like Charlie Brown in the Great Pumpkin as he always waits eagerly from Dracula to show up at his party. It was a funny story that also contained some decent action and romance. Another great story is about an unexpected Christmas gift that Sookie receives from a relative.

If you are like me and haven’t finished the whole series yet here is a word of caution. There are some plot points from the regular series that are mentioned in A Touch Of Dead that might spoil things for you. I knew this going in and I’m not the type of person that minds spoilers. However, if you are bothered by spoilers, wait and finish the series before reading.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Ace | Pages: 208 | Buy on Amazon

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