Friday News Roundup, November 13, 2009

John Bemelmans Marciano

Palin’s book bashes Couric and McCain camp (ABC)

Journalist and North Korea jailbird, Euna Lee has a book deal. It will be released through Broadway Books and will be about her experiences after she was arrested (NY Times)

NPR released an interesting interview and feature on the book “Anonyponymous: The Forgotten People Behind Everyday Words” by John Bemelmans Marciano. Marciano delves deep into the world of “eponyms” which are words they are named after people. For example the word “Leotard” originated from a French gymnast who designed himself a 1 piece work out suit to show off his fit body. (NPR)

The latest on the Harry Potter theme park (Mugglenet)

Check out this fun article from CNN featuring “4 Comic Book Legends” (CNN)

I just learned that Food Network’s: Ace Of Cakes released a book last month. You can order it on Amazon.

Top 5 Hardcover Fiction (New York Times)
1. THE GATHERING STORM, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
2. THE LOST SYMBOL, by Dan Brown
3. TRUE BLUE, by David Baldacci
5. PURSUIT OF HONOR, by Vince Flynn

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