GLASS HOUSES (Morganville Vampires, Book 1) by Rachel Caine [Review]

Glass Houses

With “New Moon” hitting theaters this Friday, I’ve had Twilight on the brain recently. While looking for another good vampire romance, I came across Glass Houses by Rachel Caine, the first book in the Morganville Vampires series. The series takes place in Morganville, Texas, a town that is run by vampires. It’s also home to Texas Prairie University, where super-smart sixteen-year-old Claire is starting her freshman year as an advanced placement student. Most freshmen hate the dorms, but for Claire it’s truly a living hell after she inadvertently embarrasses head mean girl, Monica. Desperate for a new place to live, she answers an ad for a roommate at an off-campus house called the Glass House. There she meets Michael, Shane, and Eve who educate her on what’s really happening in Morganville. There’s a little bit of romance, but the focus of the book is more on the adventures of Claire and her new friends.

The only similarity I noticed between Glass Houses and Twilight is that they both have vampires. The vampires in Morganville are decidedly unfriendly and definitely not “vegetarians” like the Cullens. As menacing as they are, the scariest thing in the book is Monica and her gang of mean girls – way scarier than the vampires. They’re physically violent and just plain vicious, which, I have to say, I found really disturbing.

I think the strongest point of Glass Houses is the friendship that develops between the main characters. Claire is believably naïve at just sixteen, but she’s also smart and spunky. Her roommates are all the kind you wished you’d had in college – interesting, cool, and they look out for one another. The lead vampire, Amelie, only made a brief appearance, but I think she has the potential to be a really interesting character.

I think this series would appeal most to teenage fans of Twilight looking to get their vampire fix. It’s definitely written for the younger crowd and I don’t think adult fans will find it as engaging as Twilight. There are seven books in the series and after Glass Houses, the next is The Dead Girls’ Dance.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: NAL Jam | Pages: 256 | Buy on Amazon

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