Julie & Julia Author Writes a Second Memoir

Cleaving by Julie Powell

Julie Powell, best known as the blogger who spent a year cooking her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, released a new memoir on December 1.

It’s called Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession and it details Powell’s apprenticeship with a New York butcher. During this time she was also going through a rough patch in her marriage.

USA Today has an interview with Powell where she discusses the new book. The article says:

Shortly after she finished writing Julie & Julia, in which she speaks adoringly of her “sainted” husband, Eric, Powell and her husband both had affairs that nearly destroyed their marriage.

In Cleaving (the film rights have not been sold), she writes in graphic detail about her two-year affair with a man she refers to as “D.” She describes their sexual encounters and even having sex with a stranger as she struggled with shame and self-loathing.

Over the summer, I attended a book signing for Julie & Julia and Powell took questions from the audience. The very first question was “Please tell me you’re still married to Eric.” Powell responded, “I am still married to Eric. Yeah, absolutely.[pause] is that it?” The audience was giggling and her tone was friendly, but there was still some awkwardness in that moment. Now I can understand why she probably didn’t want to elaborate.

I enjoyed Julie & Julia and I’m curious about Julie and Eric’s relationship troubles, but reading about her sex life seems a little too voyeuristic for me. Is anyone planning on reading Cleaving? Leave your comments below!

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