STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE By Christian Lander [Review]


Today I came across an amusing web site and book by the name of “Stuff White People Like” ( I’m not a big fan of stereotyping but this book/site has pretty much nailed me. It lists over 100 items that white people like. Here are a few that are true for me:

David Sedaris
Expensive sandwiches
Promising to learn a new language
Hating people who wear Ed Hardy

Here are a few things that weren’t true for me but are for a lot of white people:

Appearing to enjoy classical music
Vespa scooters

After reading the complete list I’m not sure if this is actually a list of Stuff White People Like than rather a list of things young liberals like. I say that because I’m not sure all white people enjoy the likes of:

The Daily Show
Public Radio
Free Healthcare

Nevertheless, this is a fun book and it should make you laugh (unless you are a white person that likes # 101 on the list which is “being offended”).

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks | Pages: 224 | Buy on Amazon

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