James Rollins Thinking About Killing Off a Sigma Character


James Rollins, author of the Sigma Force novels like Map of Bones and The Doomsday Key, is apparently mulling the future of his characters. He recently asked on both twitter and facebook, “Which Sigma character would you miss most if I killed someone off?” You can view the discussion page here.

I scanned through the responses on facebook and the most popular answers seem to be Gray Pierce, Painter Crowe, and Monk Kokkalis. Since Gray is the main character, I think he’s safe. Besides him, I would probably miss Painter the most. He’s an interesting character and it was great to see him out of the office and back in the field in The Doomsday Key.

Who wouldn’t I miss? They’re all great, but I probably would be ok without Kowalski or Seichan. Seichan’s a good foil for Gray, but I’m starting to get tired of trying to figure out where her loyalties lie.

So who would you miss most? Gray? Painter? Monk? Seichan? Leave your comments below!

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  • Gina

    I agree with you, I wouldn’t miss Seichan at all. She can go anytime as I’ve never liked the character. I doubt it’s going to be Monk since he’s been messed with enough and Kat would be safe too since messing with her IS messing with Monk again.

    That leaves Painter or Gray and they ARE Sigma. I don’t want to see either of them die but of the two, I’d prefer it to be Gray. One of two scenarios play out: Gray is killed and Painter recreates the team with a new agent or Painter is killed, Gray takes over as Director and creates a new team. Either way, it won’t be the same Sigma.

    Given the storyline of The Devil’s Colony, with Native American rituals, Painter’s cousin being killed and Painter seeking answers, all signs point to Painter being killed in the end. Now maybe that’s too obvious and it will be Gray who dies. That would be a twist.

    All I know is, if it’s Gray, I will read the next book just to see what happens with the team. If it’s Painter, I am done with the books.

    And if it IS Painter, then I hope we at least see a tender scene between him and Lisa first and he BETTER die a very heroic and honorable death! He deserves no less.

    • Kristen

      Amen, Gina. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said. Also, that’s good info about The Devil’s Colony. The only thing I had heard was that it’s about the founding fathers and nanotechnology, so I’m glad to hear more details.