LOVE’S FIRST LIGHT By Jamie Carie [Review]


Love’s First Light by Jamie Carie is an excellent historical-romance fiction novel that takes place during the French Revolution. It begins somewhat violently as the stories’ main character, Christophe St. Laurent, witnesses the brutal execution of his aristocratic family. He then must go into hiding in the town of Carcassonne where he meets a young women, Scarlett, who is mourning her own losses. Then, everything changes when Christophe learns that Scarlett is related to the man that murdered his family.

Love’s First Light is one of those books that you pick up to read out of curiosity and 100 pages later you realize you are up way past your bedtime. I loved how quickly Carie kept the book moving and her writing skills are better than what you would expect from a romance novel. Although the book is Christian fiction, it wasn’t preachy and I didn’t feel as though the book had a hidden agenda. The characters are Christian, of course, but that’s about as far as it goes. Also, as you would expect, there aren’t any steamy sex scenes, which was fine by me.

The only con I’d give this book, and the reason I didn’t give it a higher rating, was that some of the history, customs, and vernacular were not always consistent with the era. This wasn’t a huge problem for me because I didn’t feel as though the author was trying to be terribly authentic. I think, instead, she was using this period in time as a loose back drop of her story.

Love’s First Light is an excellent book to pick up on a cold winter’s night and it will keep you reading until the wee hours. If you are a fan of a good love story, this book won’t let you down.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: B&H Books | Pages: 320 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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