Snog, Marry, Kill: Mr. Darcy, Rhett Butler, or Holden Caulfield?


Okay, so the best ideas are borrowed…which is why I’m borrowing one from our friends over at Daemons TV They’ve started a fun game of “Would You Rather” with their favorite TV shows, and I’d like to try something similar with books. Let’s play a good ole’ fashion game of “Snog, Mary, Kill” with some of our favorite fictitious characters.

So here are your choices:

Mr. Darcy form Pride and Prejudice
Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind
Holden Caulfield from The Catcher In The Rye

So, out of these 3 guys, who would you snog (trying to keep it PG folks), who would you marry, and who would you kill? Remember, each one has to be used only once, no exceptions. Here are my choices:

Snog: Rhett Butler (has a way with the ladies, but commitment issues)
Marry: Mr. Darcy (rich, faithful,handsome)
Kill: Holden (potty mouth, no ambition, currently lives in a mental institution)

What are your choices? Did you pick different from me?

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