MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE by Wil Wheaton [Review]

Memories of the Future

Star Trek: The Next Generation was one of my favorite shows to watch in high school, and I still catch the occasional rerun every once in a while. Although he wasn’t one of my favorites while on the show, Wil Wheaton has been one of my favorite tech personalities to follow over the last few years. He usually provides a good perspective on tech trends with a little bit of snark and pop culture thrown in there. When I found out he was writing a book about Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was instantly curious to see what he would have to say about the show and his experiences during the filming and being connected to the Star Trek Franchise.

Memories of the Future is not a tell-all book; Wheaton describes it as looking through your high school yearbook and reminiscing about the cool, the bad, the weird and the memorable. This book is Volume 1, and covers the first half of Season 1 from “Encounter at Farpoint” to “Datalore.” Each chapter is chockfull as Wheaton includes reviews, a synopsis of the events of the episode (along with his comments), quotable dialogue from the episode, obligatory technobabble from the episode, and a behind the scenes memory. At the end of each chapter he wraps it up by talking about how the episode does compared to other episodes from the season and in the early part of the show. Wheaton’s commentary and snark throughout the chapters are great, especially when he talks about his acting ability (or lack thereof), his character’s wardrobe of weird sweaters, and the fans’ reactions to his character.

Memories of the Future is great for all adults who are Star Trek fans (especially The Next Generation), but I wouldn’t recommend it to younger readers because of some of the language in the book and the unlikeliness that they would know much about the show. The book is being sold through, which is a service that allows printing on demand of books. There is no audiobook as far as I know, but instead you can look for Memories of the Futurecast, a podcast hosted by Wheaton to help promote the book during the Fall 2009, where he spends an episode giving a sneak peek of one of the chapters and sometimes providing additional comments/stories. You can also follow Wil Wheaton on Twitter, his username is @wilw. Wheaton has announced that he is working on Memories of the Future, Volume 2, which covers the remaining episodes of Season 1, though no release date has been given at this time.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Monolith Press | Pages: 138 | Source: Purchased

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