ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER by Seth Grahame-Smith [Review]

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

When I first heard that Seth Grahame-Smith, author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (see our review here), had a new book coming out I wasn’t too interested because the whole horror/classic lit mashup genre never really appealed to me. That changed when I found out that the book’s title was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. My curiosity piqued, I immersed myself in Grahame-Smith’s prose and found it to be one of the best books I have read in recent history, as it expertly blends biographical, fantasy, horror, and action genres into one amazing read.

The key to the success of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is Grahame-Smith’s telling the story using a biographical style, which is as good as Goodwin’s Team of Rivals or McCullough’s Truman. This gave the book a larger sense of gravitas and allowed Grahame-Smith to use the sixteenth President’s story as a framework that he could weave the vampire storyline in and out of, giving the reader a chance to see how each storyline affects the other. Grahame-Smith also helps the story along by using excerpts from Lincoln’s vampire hunting journals to provide more depth to Lincoln and how his vampire hunts helped shape his life both in and outside of politics. There is also a great twist at the end of the book, which I was surprised by and enjoyed very much. If you still have any doubts about picking up this book, I recommend reading the introduction, where the author explains how he ended up writing the book, which instantly drew me in and made me want to read the whole book in one sitting.

While Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter does deal with a horror topic like vampires, the instances of gore or violence are not over the top like other horror authors’ works. The book is age appropriate for adults; younger readers will have some difficulty following the bibliographical style. Fans of vampire lit should enjoy this book, as well as those looking for historical fiction or alternative history works. There’s also an audiobook version available that is narrated by Scott Holst. You can find Seth Grahame-Smith on Twitter, his user name is @sethgs and there is even an fan page for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on Facebook.

Quotes from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

Below are some of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Note: I do not mention the name of the vampire Lincoln talks to in order to avoid spoiling any surprises.

“What follows nearly ruined my life.
What follows, at last, is the truth”
– Seth Grahame-Smith

…Abe didn’t say a word. He made straight for his journal and wrote down a single sentence. One that would radically alter the course of his life, and bring a fledgeling nation to the brink of collapse.
I hereby resolve to kill every vampire in America.

“Judge us not equally, Abraham. We all may deserve hell, but some of us sooner than others”
– Vampire to Abraham Lincoln

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Grand Central Publishing | Pages: 352 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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