Top 10 Most Expensive Books on Ebay

Rare Books

People spend a lot of money on books. Today I was curious about what the most expensive books currently being auctioned on Ebay are. I’ve filtered out the obvious scams and came up with the top 10 most expensive book auctions. Here they are:

1. 1637 Manuscript Charter of New England Price: $950,000
2. 30,000 Volume Jewish Judaica Library Price: $900,000
3. Arabian Nights – Original Print from 1935 Price: $700,000
4. Michael Jackson Vintage Magazines Price: $240,000
5. 1250 AD Medieval Holy Bible Price: $185,000
6. 1759 Hymnal Bible Price: $185,000
7. Set of 1st Edition Wizard Of Oz Books Price: $150,000
8. Langston Hughes Handwritten Poems Price: $125,000
9. Peter The Rabbit Signed By Beatrix Potter Price: $125,000
10.Koran Signed by 18th Century Royal Price: $70,000

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  • I2uff

    I might be in the possession of three expensive books as well… and I was thinking about selling them… but I don’t know where to start from! Email me if you can help! All three books are WWII related, written in german and printed in Berlin before and during the war.

  • emh

    a person would have to be a damn fool to buy a rare book from ebay. i can’t imagine anyone with this kind of money to spend would do so, but even relatively inexpensive rare books on ebay are to be avoided like the plague! if you want a rare book, do your research and buy from a reputable bookseller.