BEING HUMAN: THE ROAD by Simon Guerrier [Review]

Being Human: The Road

So there was a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf…no that’s not the beginning to a racy joke, but rather the start to an interesting book series by Simon Guerrier. The story takes place in a home in Bristol, England in which resides 3 of the most bizarre roommates you’ll ever meet. Annie is a ghost, Mitchell is a vampire, and George is a werewolf. The three are like any other normal roommates in that they have jobs (except Annie because she’s invisible to most), they cook dinner for each other, and they get into little disagreements along the way.

In Being Human: The Road, a new ghost, Gemma, appears in the house and needs some help before she can move on. Annie is forced to take on this challenging role which she is none too pleased about. Meanwhile, there is trouble at work for Mitchell and George when a new hospital administrator arrives and starts poking his is nose around.

Normally, I enjoy a good young adult book but I found Being Human: The Road a little too on the young side for me. I would recommend the series to readers ages 11-17. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a solid series of books, with fun characters and interesting plots, but at my age you want a little more out of a read. I would have liked the series to be a little more dramatic. I guess I was hoping for a series more along the lines of the Sookie Stackhouse books which has plenty of action, thrills, sex, and love. You wont’ find too much of those elements in the Being Human series, but they are fun books nonetheless.

One thing I am interested in though, is the Being Human television series that airs on BBC America (for more information check out Daemons TV). I haven’t check out the show yet myself, but I have a feeling this concept would work better on television than in a book (which I hardly ever say). The reason is because the characters are unique and the books are very dialogue heavy.

Anyway, Being Human is a fun set of books, but as I said, they are better geared for the younger audience.

Quotes from Being Human: The Road:

“Then Mitchell felt a prickle run through him, a sixth sense that he was being watched….”

“Mitchell considered. It was everything he feared. The press had got their first hint of what really went on in the hospital.

“Annie cradled her, Gemma’s lacquered hair like vinyl against her own skin. Gemma breathed ragged breaths, a river of tears down her face”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher:BBC Books | Pages:256 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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