MAGICIAN MASTER By Raymond E. Feist [Review]


Magician Master is the second book in a popular Fantasy/Sci-Fi series by Raymond E. Feist. Although, it pains me to say it, I have to disagree with 90% of the other reviews out there as this book was not for me. My first problem with Magician Master is how radically the story has changed from the first book. Not just the story, but time as well. Magician Master begins 4 years after the first book ended and if you think the time jumps stop there you are very mistaken.

I know most will argue that the book’s unpredictability is what makes it a fun and unique read. Normally, I’m all for that. However, in this case I was looking forward to a generic fantasy tale, and the first book had all the elements of that. In book 2, all that goes away completely. The two main characters both undergo massive changes to their personality and aren’t even located in the same worlds. Then the time jumps begin and I had a very difficult time keeping up with them.

As much as the characters have changed since book 1, the ‘rift war’ continued on at it’s same boring pace. I’ve read so many reviews calling this book a ‘page-turner’ but I didn’t feel that way at all. Sadly, I think I’m going to give up on the series, at least for now.

If anyone has read the complete series and can give me some good reasons for finishing the series, I’m all ears. Otherwise, I’m going to use the rest of these books as coasters.

Quotes from Magician Master:

“He new more of his life, though only a fragment of what was missing.”

“You know much of our ways, lady.” “I must never forget your girlish countenance masks ages of knowledge”

“Pug felt hands reach for him in the dark and a sharp pain exploded across his chest”.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Spectra | Pages: 499 | Source:Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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