Stefan Versus Damon: Which Salvatore Brother Would You Rather Sink Your Teeth Into?


So a while back, Amie conducted a poll to find out which sexy vampire from the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) books our readers would rather sink their teeth into, Eric Northman or Bill Compton. Now that I’m in the midst of reading The Vampire Diaries series, I want to know which Salvatore brother you prefer, Damon or Stefan? Here are the stats:


Stefan Salvatore
Hair: Curly, Black
Eyes: Green
Car: Black Porsche 911 Turbo
Quotes: “Do you know what the name Salvatore means in Italian, Elena? It means salvation, savior. I’m named that, and for St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. And I damned my brother to hell.”
Pros: He doesn’t drink human blood and it’s probably safer to be with a guy who doesn’t want to suck your blood. Sweet and caring, he’s the kind of guy you can trust.
Cons: He’s tortured about his existence as a vampire and his brooding might get old after a while.


Damon Salvatore
Hair: Straight, Black
Eyes: Black
Car: Black Ferrari
Quote: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn about anyone else.”
Pros: He’s a bad boy. Sexy and dangerous, he has a confidence that a lot of women find irresistible. Also, did I mention he’s sexy?
Cons: He’s a bad boy. Damon enjoys taking human blood (especially the power it gives him) and he’s killed more than a few people.


So it’s now your turn. Which one do you prefer? Stefan or Damon?

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  • Amie

    I haven’t read these books but based on your descriptions, I’m picking Stefan. Nice guys all the way!

  • Sandie

    I have to pick Damon. There is just something about the dangerous ones 😉

  • Jay Marie

    I love Damon but I love Stefan more! I’m in love with Stefan Salvatore!

  • Elena

    It really is a matter of personal taste, when I first got into the book and T.V show I thought Damon was a huge jerk.Now I have seen all the epi.s and read all the books(finished ShadowSouls last night) I realize it is all just an act, he doesn’t want to get his heart broken, so he acts like he has none.

  • Iris

    At first I really didn’t like Damon, as he came off as cruel and uncaring. But as the season has gone on, I’ve grown to absolutely love him. Especially in the last few episodes – like when he danced with Elena at the Miss Mystic Falls contest. And I love his humour too, like how he mocked Stefan about him being in love with Elena – which I think he only just began to realise after Isobel said it.
    And then there’s Stefan, who has always been the nice guy, the one you root for. I love how he’s so protective of Elena, and he truly does love her – which he realised without being told.
    I love Stefan with Elena, but I also wish that she would be with Damon. I’M TORN BETWEEN THE TWO. But I, personally, would go for Damon, as I think that Stefan is meant to be with Elena, and wouldn’t suit anyone else.

    PLUS, Damon is a sexy beast.

    • kj ^_^

      totally agree with everything u just said !!! i havnt read the books but ive seen all of the episodes out so far and just completely fell in love with damon from the start. i like stefan but i have to say that the things damon says to elana in some of the episodes just stole my heart!!! he can be sooo sweet and protective wen stefan isnt around. i think everyone should have a damon like that !!!

  • Jasmine

    You’d have to be CRAZY not to pick Damon! In the 1st/2nd book I was Stefan but now I have read them all I realise Damon acts the way he does because he doesn’t wanna get hurt! And he’s funny! And very very very hott!

  • danni

    DAMON!!!!! all the way:P
    but question coz damon has a blue dodge muscle car and stefan has a red ford turbo…sooo that bits wrong soz:(

    but damon rocks!!:P:P

    • Kristen

      I listed the cars they drove in the books. That red car Stefan has on the TV show is pretty sweet though!

  • anonimo

    bueno ps la verdad voto por DEMON aunque stefan es muy tirno n principe pero en cuanto la personalidad segura de demon me atrae mucho mas


    STEFAN AL CIEN POR CIENTO!!!!!!!!es hermosooooo..romantico y ademas me encanta la forma en que protege a elena…sos tan tiernos..ellos si se aman de niego que damon es lindo pero no me gusta su forma de frio..y muchas otras cosas mas..

    • Kristen

      Gracias por tu commentario. Haces buenas puntos a favor de Stefan!

  • Jen

    Damon is definately the best Salvatore brother. In the book and the show. Stefan is sexy but he is too weak. Damon is powerful and dark one minute, and sweet and caring the next and I love that about him. He is also very sexy.

  • Steph

    Damon (in both the book and the show):
    He’s dark, mysterious and dangerous. I’ve never been one to play it safe-I need the edge and the unpredictability. He’s sarcastic and hysterical and I happen to like how much crude he can be sometimes. He’s not really as cold and callous as he’d like you to think, he is capable of loving someone tenderly and deeply as well he just is scared to give himself completely to someone because he’s been hurt SO many times-but you know he’d rip someones throat out or snap their neck (literally) if they hurt you.

    Plus he’s just about as sexy as they come and I’m sure he’d be amazing in the sack. Yum.

    Stefen is a peach though-just not my style but 100% perfect for Elena. Even though Damon does very nicely for her as well.

  • zoe

    I’ve read bits and pieces of the books, but nothing interesting. Damon! I like Stefan, he’s cute, but not like his older brother! The books suck, whereas the TV series is the best TV show ever.

  • Karin

    I’ve always loved Damon as a character. Stefan is so cliche. A regretful bunny-eating vampire that’s trying to be good and atone for what he did in the past? Yeah, that’s never been done before.
    Stefan is pretty much an Angel/Edward hybird. Not saying that that’s all there is to him! He’s just… blah.
    Damon is interesting. He kills. And he’s not sorry. How often is there a main vampire character, in modern-day vampire fiction, that kills people and enjoys it? And anyway, he evolves throughout the show. I think he’s really come to deserve Elena.
    Stefan has his good moments, but when Damon told Elena he loved her, that was more meaningful than an infinate number of Stefan “I love you”s.

  • Moonkiss22

    Damon!!! Hot..Hot..Hot…need I say more

  • Avery Celstino

    both brothers are hot, dangerous, sexy and vampires… i will belive in true love… unconditonal love and eternal like elena she choose stefan… damon will not eternally love by elena… it is only a poignant love for damonit is strong cause elena is for stefan… beleive me, damon does know what really truly love is…

  • Freek Ludacha

    damon is ugly.. he look like a monkey, no ofence, but he is. idk, but to me stefan is way hoter than him.. sry

  • Sofie

    Damon….as simple as that! 😉 

  • Ddd

    Stelena love=2 seasons!!!!!now it’s time for Delena love,who’se gonna agree with me?DELENA!!!!!

  • Cary

    Its all about the bad boy! Damon

  • Jaiid

    Stefan Salvatore People   <33

  • Klaudiadybas

    STEFAN all the way -oh he is just waay too cute im in love with hi and would do anything for a guy like that

  • Lutfi

    damon salvatore. although he may seem rude but he cares about his surrounding. he loves and cares about his brother, elena, rose (he even cried when he had to kill the sick rose. it’s a prove that he has a heart)

    but when it comes down to elena, stefan and elena is the best couple. and i think damon doesn’t deserve elena, he deserves MORE. elena never cares about damon like damon does. elena just uses damon as a tool to get stefan back.
    truly, i hope damon would find someone better than her~

  • Pauli

    Stefan all the way. I’m like in love with him hahah but Damon is freaking hot! (:

  • Serena

    I love Stefan. it’s always gonna be Stefan.
    So i choose Stefan.