FISTFUL OF CHARMS by Kim Harrison [Review]

Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison

I’ve been slowly working my way through Kim Harrison’s The Hollows (Rachel Morgan) series, and I just finished the fourth book, Fistful of Charms. The series follows the adventures of Rachel Morgan, a witch and independent runner, which is kind of like a private investigator/bounty hunter. Her partners (and roommates) are the seductive, dangerous vampire Ivy Tamwood and Jenks, a mouthy, aggressive little pixy. I continue to enjoy the world Harrison has created where Inderlanders (witches, vampires, werewolves, and pixies) live openly amongst humans thanks to a virus found in genetically engineered tomatoes. The virus wiped out a large part of the human population, forcing the Inderlanders to come out of the closet and try to peacefully coexist with humans.

In Fistful of Charms, Rachel and Jenks embark on a rescue mission that takes them away from their home of Cincinnati to Mackinaw City, Michigan. Jenks’ son Jax and Rachel’s ex-boyfriend Nick double crossed a werewolf pack and landed themselves in serious trouble. Rachel may have moved on to sexy vampire Kisten, but she can’t just stand by and let the weres kidnap Nick. As usual, what should be a simple run turns much more complicated, and Rachel finds herself in world of trouble.

Up until now, I’ve really liked the Rachel Morgan series, but I think Fistful of Charms might be the book that made me love it. Ok, I confess that the book being set in Mackinaw, a beautiful place I’ve been to countless times (yes, I’m a fudgie), probably had something to do with that. But it’s also the camaraderie between Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks that really stood out in this book. Getting them out of Cincinnati and on a road trip was a fun way to have the three of them bond. There’s also a really cool twist with Jenks that made the pixy a lot more interesting. The only thing that bothered me was that Rachel spent so much time analyzing herself and her relationships that she came across as a bit whiny. However, I do like how Harrison makes her relationships messy and complicated because, hey, that’s life. Fans of the series will notice that Trent Kalamack and Big Al are absent from Fistful of Charms, but there’s so much other stuff going on that I didn’t miss them.

There are eight books in the Rachel Morgan series, so I still have a lot of catching up to do. But I’d easily recommend each of the four books I’ve read to anyone who likes urban fantasy (especially Sookie Stackhouse fans). If you are new to the series, start with the first book, Dead Witch Walking.

Quotes from Fistful of Charms:

Rachel: Let’s take a look at my track record. I live in a church with a vampire who is the scion of a master vampire who would just as soon see me dead. I date her old boyfriend, who used to be said master vampire’s scion, and my ex-boyfriend is a professional thief who calls demons and trades information about me for tips to steal artifacts that can start an Inderland power struggle.

Rachel: He’s an undead vampire. They can’t look without touching. They can’t not touch. I’m a freaking vampire candy cane and they all want a lick.

Jenks: One person can’t hold anything, but two can have the world.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Eos | Pages: 496 | Source: Purchased | Buy on Amazon

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