Top 15 Richest Fictional Characters

Forbes just released their list of the fifteen richest fictional characters for 2010. Number one on the list is Dr. Carlisle Cullen from the Twilight series. Forbes attributes his wealth to smart investing thanks to Alice’s ability to predict the future. Here’s an excerpt from Forbes:

Immortal vampire and small-town doctor has quietly amassed a fortune over three centuries. In 1670 received generous handout from Italian friends; put savings in bank, reaped billions in compound interest. Made shrewd long-term investments in steel, gold, oil, thanks to prescience of daughter turned financial advisor Alice; saw recessions coming, invested early in Wal-Mart, Apple. Earned doctor’s salary for 340 years without paying for groceries, health care expenses. Avoids sunshine and public displays of wealth, but owns several valuable properties, including yacht, private island, collection of Renaissance art.

There are a couple other literary characters on the list, including Artemis Fowl and Jay Gatsby. I loved Artemis Fowl and it’s nice that they included the young criminal mastermind. Check out the full list:

1. Carlisle Cullen
2. Scrooge McDuck
3. Richie Rich
4. Tony Stark
5. Jed Clampett
6. Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt
7. Bruce Wayne
8. Tooth Fairy
9. Thurston Howell III
10. Sir Topham Hatt (Thomas the Tank Engine)
11. Artemis Fowl II
12. C. Montgomery Burns
13. Charles Bass
14. Jay Gatsby
15. Lucille Bluth

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