Hunter S. Thompson’s PRISONER OF DENVER To Become A Movie

Hunter S. Thompson

One of Hunter S. Thompson’s works, PRISONER OF DENVER has been chosen to be made into a feature film by the Motion Picture Corporation of America, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Prisoner of Denver”, is an article written by Thompson and editor Mark Seals for Vanity Fair magazine in 2004. The article tells the interesting case of a Colorado woman who was arrested and found guilty of a murder that occurred during a time when she was already in police custody. That woman, young Lisl Auman, was sentenced to life without parole.

During her incarceration, Auman began corresponding with Thompson. Thompson solicited assistance and support from other celebrities and groups to call for a new trial for Auman. The verdict was overturned and Auman released, but Thompson had committed suicide before the woman’s release.

Brad Kevoy, the CEO of Motion Picture Corporation of America, along with co-producers are currently seeking writers for the project.

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