Best Book Publishing Idea Ever

Book Vending Machine

Book Vending Machine

Quick, name all the places you can buy a book. Ready? Go!

If you said any of the following you would be right: a bookstore, a newstand, a web site, an iPhone or a Kindle. Well, how about a cigarette vending machine?

I just read this piece on Publishing Perspectives about this german publisher Automatenverlag who had the novel idea of repurposing old cigarette vending machines to sell books, instead of cigarettes. The vending machines will contain books from local authors and will only cost 4 euros ($US 5).

Yeah this is a marketing stunt more than anything else but I think that it also shows an innovative approach that doesn’t rely on some sort of device or website to deliver books.

What do you think of this idea? Would you buy a book from a cigarette vending machine?

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