BEING HUMAN: Chasers and Bad Blood [Review]

The BBC released a series of books to tie in with their popular series Being Human, which follows the trials and tribulations of 3 unusual roommates (a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf). If you are a fan of Twilight, Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries or the Percy Jackson series then I would recommend these books to you. If you want to check out my review to the first book in the series “The Road”, you can check it out here

I recently checked out the next two books, “Chasers”, and “Bad Blood” and here’s what you can expect:

Chasers by Mark Michalowski

Chasers picks up smoothly from where the previous book (The Road) left off. In Chasers, George receives a visit from his female friend Kaz and Kaz’s partner, Gail. George is tempted when they ask him to father their child, however, what if being a werewolf is genetic? Meanwhile, Mitchell and Annie’s lives are far from dull. When Mitchell receives an odd request of his own at the hospital he is in for a surprise.

Bad Blood by James Goss

In Bad Blood, an old friend of Annie’s pays a visit from out of town. The only problem is she can see Annie and doesn’t realize she has died. Annie and her friend (Denise) organize a Bingo night to get Annie out of the house. New information about the Hospital Administrator (who made his first appearance in The Road) is revealed.

In addition to the other series I mentioned, I would also recommend these books to anyone who is a fan of the Being Human television show (obviously) or also shows such as True Blood, The Vampires Diaries, or Ghost Whisperer.

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