Why Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer is Awesome

Stephenie Meyer

Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer picked four fan sites to attend a Twilight “Eclipse” publicity session, according to her site. The “Twilight” fan sites chosen will have the opportunity to meet with Meyer and ask questions regarding the upcoming movie “Eclipse”.

Meyer says she wants to try something different. She wants the opportunity to answer questions from those who really know their “Twilight” history. Most times, when she is interviewed, the questions are rather general and also repetitive.

To choose, Meyer put all the names of “Twilight” fan sites into a hat and picked out four lucky winners. The winners are Letters to Twilight, Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Source and Twifans. Each site is able to send a reporter and one guest. Meyer also chose four additional websites as backups.

Stephanie has scheduled the meet for a week prior to the “Eclipse” opening, June 18. The movie “Eclipse” will open on June 30.

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