Kindle Bestseller List Changed By Amazon


Amazon recently announced that they are going to make some changes to their Kindle bestseller list. Currently, the list is dominated by the free books that publishers offer as a way to lure readers to their products. The plan is to split the list in two-one list for paid books and a second for free books. There is no word on specifically when this will happen, but probably in the next week or two.

I think this move is very good news because, in its current form, I haven’t found the Kindle bestseller list to be very useful. I want to be able see what new books are popular with Kindle users, but right now it just tells me that everyone is downloading a free, public domain version of Pride & Prejudice. Besides public domain works, the free books always seem to include older titles by Christian publishers and business-themed books for executives. I love freebies and I think it’s cool that publishers are offering these books for free; I just don’t think they belong on the bestseller list.

Since the main objective of offering up a book for free seems to be to get on the bestseller list, and the publicity that comes with that, I’m curious what publishers are thinking about Amazon’s move. They’re not eliminating the free books from the list, just giving them one of their own, so I don’t think it will hurt the number of downloads. Kindle users are always going to want free books, so I think it should be a win-win situation.

Have you ever downloaded one of the free Kindle books? (I know I’ve definitely taken advantage of the freebies). Are you worried that these will go away when Amazon changes the way they do the bestseller list?

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