BLOOD OATH By Christopher Farnsworth Made Into a Movie

blood oath

Lucas Foster and his production company, Warp Films, has optioned Christopher Farnsworth’s political vampire novel, “Blood Oath“.

“Oath” features Nathaniel Cade, a vampire detained by the U.S. Army following the Civil War who is pressured into taking an oath to protect President Andrew Johnson and his successors.

When the novel opens, Cade is still protecting Presidents over 140 years later. He is assigned a new handler, and before long they uncover an assassination plot involving a deadly new biological weapon.

Foster, producer of “Jumper” and “Law Abiding Citizen”, has also claimed the rights to Farnsworth’s follow-up, “Black Site”. The pair will collaborate on the screenplays with an eye toward franchising future Cade novels. A release date has not been set.

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