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From Cape Town With Love

Vook.com is now offering From Cape Town With Love [2] by Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes (if you’re not familiar with the vook format, read What the Heck is a Vook? [3]). The vook comes with six videos starring Blair Underwood. Check out the trailer below.

From Cape Town With Love summary:

In this Vook, Blair Underwood has produced 6 action packed, sizzling videos that blend with the text to tell the next chapter in the story of actor-turned-detective Tennyson Hardwick. Hardwick solved two high-profile deaths in Hollywood, but nothing has prepared him for a race to save a child’s life.

Tennyson’s past in the sex game cost him his new girlfriend, and he brings her to Cape Town, South Africa—a scenic film destination and playground for the rich—to try to win her back. There Tennyson is hired as a bodyguard by superstar Sofia Maitlin when she visits an orphanage to adopt an African child.

Months later, Maitlin offers Tennyson one of Hollywood’s hottest tickets—a job as a bodyguard at adopted daughter Nandi’s A-list celebrity birthday party. But the party is over before it begins. When
Nandi’s birthday goes dreadfully wrong, it’s up to a guilt-ridden Tennyson to save a child’s life and
reunite a Hollywood family. But how? He can’t go to the police, the FBI has threatened to arrest him, and Big Brother is monitoring his telephone calls. To find Nandi, Tennyson will have to rely on tips from his father — a retired LAPD captain — and a mysterious woman from his past, Marsha, who has already proven she can’t be trusted. His strongest lead is a deadly knife fighter known only as Spider. When his search for the missing child crosses Marsha’s covert investigation into a criminal gang with ties to South Africa, Tennyson knows that finding Nandi might cost him his freedom — or his life.