Graphic novelist suing NBC Universal over HEROES ripoff


This may be a bit of old news but here goes anyway.

Graphic novelist Jazan Wild is suing NBC Universal claiming that the company used his graphic novels as the basis for the fourth season of their popular show “Heroes”. NBC knowingly infringed upon his copyrighted work in “Carnival of Souls” when writing the fourth season of the show.

Wild and Jason Barnes, the owner of Carnival Comics, filed their lawsuit against NBC Universal the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The pair allege that NBC introduced several characteristics into “Heroes” that are virtually identical to Wild’s graphic novels, including a traveling carnival that magically appears and disappears. Wild has also claimed that NBC changed the ending to season four to avoid similarities being overly obvious.

Wild is seeking $50 million in damages from NBC and also wants to prevent any further distribution of the fourth season of “Heroes”. The show has since been cancelled by NBC, who is calling Wild’s lawsuit “meritless”.

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