New Bush Book Opens With Decision To Quit Drinking

Decision Points

Former President George W. Bush’s new book opens with a scene revolving around his decision to quit drinking according to Yahoo News. The President’s upcoming book “Decision Points” opens with his wife persuading him to quit drinking.

The opening portion of the book begins with Bush’s wife Laura questioning whether he loved drinking more than he loved her. The President admitted to having an addictive personality and when he decided to quit drinking, he did so cold turkey. Speaking before the American Wind Energy Association conference in downtown Dallas, Bush credited his decision to quit drinking with setting him on the path to the Presidency.

The 63 year old former President left office in January 2009 and moved into a new home in Dallas with his wife Laura. His new book, “Decision Points” covers such topics as the financial meltdown, Hurricane Katrina, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The book will hit shelves in November.

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