A New and Improved Kindle?


This week CNET posted an article about a new version of the Kindle reader set to be released this August.

I think the question on everybody’s mind is ‘what can we expect’? Well, let me tell you what NOT to expect. According to this article, this upgrade won’t include much anticipated features such as touch-screen capabilities or color. However, the new Kindle model is said to be thinner and have an enhanced display that is much more crisp than the current model.

I feel like these upgrades are rather boring. This release is similar to those ‘filler’ product launches that Apple is always trying to get away with their iPods, however, perhaps Kindle has to release this model to stay competitive. It seems like everybody and their brother is launching their own ‘Reader’ these days. If you already have a Kindle, I don’t see the point in getting this model, but it will be nice for those who plan to buy one.

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