Hot Guys Reading Books

Listen up, ladies! Do you find bibliophiles sexy? Do you pick up men at the local library instead of the local bar? If so, then have I got the website for you. It’s called Hot Guys Reading Books and it features–you guessed it–attractive men reading books. Finally, a website that understands that smart guys are sexy.

Why is there a need for such a website? Well, like we talked about the other day (Men Don’t Read – True or False?), men tend to read fewer books than women. There are probably a lot of different reasons for why that’s the case, but, unfortunately, it’s true. I’m lucky enough to be married to an avid reader, but they can be hard to come by.

So ladies, if you wish your man would spend more time reading rather than playing video games or watching sports, check out the eye candy over at Hot Guys Reading Books. Who knows? Maybe your guy will take the hint and pick up a book.

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