HARRY POTTER Book Covers Around the World

Harry Potter Italian Cover

Recently, I linked to an interesting article in The Observer about international book covers (More Reasons Not to Judge a Book by Its Cover).

What I didn’t bring up before was that the author casually mentions something about the Harry Potter books that I didn’t know. He wonders, “what prompted Italian book designers to give junior wizard Harry Potter a hat shaped like a mouse…” Wait, WHAT?

Naturally I had to see this craziness for myself, so I found an image of the Italian book cover, which you can see above. I know it’s silly, but I find this cover so freaking hilarious that I can’t stop laughing. Please tell me that is a faux mouse head Harry is wearing, not a real one. And what’s up with the giant mouse next to him? Is that supposed to be Scabbers? I’m dying to know the reasoning behind the mouse hat, so if anyone can enlighten me, please do.

After seeing the Italian Harry Potter’s headwear, I decided to go looking for more international covers. None are as awesome as Italy’s, but I found a few more interesting ones that I’d like to share.

Let’s start with a Harry Potter cover from Iceland, where life has apparently been rough on Harry and he is a middle-aged accountant. He looks like he’s about to throw himself in front of the Hogwarts Express. And what’s up with his scar? If you didn’t know he had a scar on his forehead, you’d think he got shot in the head.

Next up is a Harry Potter cover from Finland. Here Harry is sporting a perm and some sort of weird Jester’s collar. Poor Ron looks like Carrot Top. And Hermione…well, there are no words.

In the Czech Republic Harry seems to be a magician because he wears a top hat and cape, and appears to be in some sort of circus tent. Or is that supposed to be the Great Hall at Hogwarts? I have no explanation for the lipstick print on his hat. Wait, maybe that’s supposed to be the sorting hat?

Finally, we have the French Harry Potter who goes with a very simple, Halloween-esque look. Or pilgrims. It’s a Harry Potter Thanksgiving!

I find these covers endlessly entertaining and I hope you do too. If you can offer any insight on what is going on in the Czech or Italian covers, please let me know in the comments.

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