Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s GIDEON’S SWORD To Become A Movie

The bestselling authors of the Agent Pendergast books, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, will release Gideon’s Sword, the first book in a new series about investigator Gideon Crew, in February 2011.

Variety is reporting that Paramount and Michael Bay have bought the movie rights for Gideon’s Sword. The deal is reportedly worth seven figures.

It seems like an odd match because Bay is know for action movies like Transformers, while Preston and Child’s thrillers are more subtle and feature thoughtful characters. Let’s just hope the movie is better than Relic, the only other movie adaptation of their books. I will never forgive that movie for editing out Agent Pendergast, who is not only the main character in the book, but the most interesting.

There aren’t many details about the Gideon Crew books, but I’ve seen the series referred to as a spin-off on other websites. That’s interesting because I don’t recall that character in any of their previous books. At the end of their latest novel, Fever Dream, the authors only say that they are launching “an exciting new series of thrillers featuring a rather uncommon ‘investigator’ by the name of Gideon Crew.” They also assure Agent Pendergast fans that they will continue to write novels featuring him “with the same frequency as before.”

Amazon lists the release date for Gideon’s Sword as February 22, 2011

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