Candace Bushnell To Write Two New Books

Candace Bushnell

Grand Central Publishing has announced that Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell will write two new books, although neither will feature Carrie Bradshaw.

The first book, The Two Mrs. Stones, will be about a love triangle and is expected in 2012. There are no details about the second book.

Bushnell’s latest book The Carrie Diaries, which came out in April, is a young adult prequel to Sex and the City. It’s about a teenage Carrie Bradshaw navigating her senior year of high school and has received positive reviews (check out I Was a Teenage Book Geek’s review).

Lipstick Jungle, published in 2005, was Bushnell’s last adult release. I thought the book was just so-so, but it was popular enough to inspire the NBC TV show of the same name.

Even though I didn’t love Lipstick Jungle, I’m curious about the new book. Are any of you Sex and the City fans excited about The Two Mrs. Stones?

(Source: Reuters)

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